Buffalo To Create First Pokémon GO League

Now usually here at The Herd Report we discuss everything happening about Buffalo sports, which consists of major league hockey, football, and sometimes minor league baseball. Today we're embarking on a journey that talks about Pokémon GO, the hottest mobile game right now (if you haven't already noticed).

At some point soon (we're not even sure when) Buffalo mayor Byron Brown is announcing that the Queen City will be cutting the virtual ribbon on the first E-Sport to be deemed a major league in the city.  After seeing posts like this one, talking about the best places to chase down Pokémon in Buffalo, Byron Brown took note and is formulating it into a professional sport, one that Buffalo can hopefully become the champions of. (Finally a tangible championship in Buffalo!) 

The other major sports teams of Buffalo have already taken note, teasing their congrats on the incoming league, seen below.

Now we don't know all the details, but here are the rumors that are floating around:

  1. The Pegulas are funding the entire league. 
  2. Towns and sections of Buffalo will be pitted against each other to find the champion of each portion of WNY.
  3. Inevitably a champion will emerge, and they'll be given a 2500 CP shiny Gyarados as a prize, as well as a key to the city.
  4. The runner up will receive a $20 gift card to Olive Garden.

If you haven't already, download Pokémon GO and play.  The stakes are only going to get higher within the coming months, and you need to catch them all.

Team Mystic for Life


Disclosure: This is obviously a parody article. We hope you had fun with it. We know we did!