An Anchor Bar New York City Review, From A Buffalonian

 Anchor Bar New York City

Anchor Bar New York City

Having grown up in Buffalo and having lived in New York City for six years I have given up on trying to find decent chicken wings anywhere within the 5 boroughs of New York City. The only restaurants that come close is Blondies in the Upper West Side and McFaddens (during bills games) on 42nd street. 

But then I saw this tweet the other day: 

I mean it is no Duffs announcement, but I don't think I have texted any other link faster to all of my Buffalo friends and family then that tweet. Fast forward to today, Anchor Bar New York's second official day in business, and I am sitting with Colleen at a table in the brand new Anchor Bar, New York on 57th Street in Manhattan. It just didn’t feel right to not share our honest thoughts. It may have been 580 days since our last one, but here is The Herd Report’s official Two Point Conversion review of Anchor Bar New York! 

We ordered a double of wings (20pc). Half of them with medium hot sauce and half covered in spicy hot bbq sauce. Along with a side order of fries. 

I have been to to the original Anchor Bar, the Transit Road Anchor Bar and the Buffalo Airport Anchor Bar, but I think this new location in Hell’s Kitchen might be my new favorite. The wings were meatier, crispier, hotter, and covered in more sauce then any I have received at other Anchor Bar locations. As I enjoyed them at my table in the back of the restaurant, every once in awhile a passing Buffalo Bills “Shout” chant could be overheard from the front bar. The drink prices were totally reasonable for New York City with both Buffalo favorites, Labatt Blue and Molson Canadian on tap for only $5 a pint. 

There are clearly some growing pains with it being opening week, but overall I give it a 9.1 out of 10 for Chicken Wings. Which you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else in New York City.  I am already looking forward to coming back to watch my first Buffalo Bills game here in the Fall! 

For being a true Duffs fan this was pretty good! I requested "crispy", which was definitely worth it. The wings came with ample sauce and extra napkins! Just seeing some Buffalo themed picture frames on the walls made it feel a like a little bit of home. Anchor Bar NYC is definitely a good balance of bar and restaurant, without feeling grungy and worn down like the other spots. I could definitely see this as the new "go to" for Sunday's Bills games in the city. With two bars and a great open dining plan that's spacious, Anchor Bar will be a great place to watch a game! I just wish there was some more Bills and Sabres memorabilia. Now the drink prices definitely made me feel right at home and the Labatt on the menu was an extra perk. I just hope next time they have some celery available to go alongside the wings! I give the it a 7.9 out of 10.