Buffalo Named 10th in 'Best Cities in America for Hockey Fans'

In a recent study by Wallethub.com, Buffalo has found itself on the list in 10th place, right behind St. Louis.  By using metrics such as arena capacity, overall team performance, and ticket sales, the site compiled a list of 72 cities across the nation. Of course the biggest markets, Boston, Pittsburgh and Detroit (not surprising, they've been consistently appearing in the playoffs for the past 25 years) held the top spots, but Buffalo held its own, towering over other large cities like Tampa, Philly, and Washington.   

One could say that our claim to 10th has been in large part due to the new facilities in the Harbor Center, as well as an overall revitalized waterfront. The steady incline Buffalo has been seeing in popularity is being noted around the league, rumors are going around that the city might host the annual NHL combine every year much like the NFL does in Indianapolis.  

It may also worth mentioning, Buffalo had the lowest rankings in college hockey engagement, but ranked 3rd in NHL arena capacity behind Sunrise and Glendale.