Thank You Notes to the Buffalo Sabres

Dear Buffalo Sabres,

Thank you for making this season a thriller for someone who the last two years has responded to the question "Hey did you watch the game?" with a "no, how much did they lose by?"

Thank you for letting us see your progress pic by adding key players that not only add skill, but also killer nicknames like 'Larry' and 'Moose'.

Thank you for giving our team so much grit that they ask Chara out on a second date after inviting him for a tango at the boards.

Thank you for showing us that players both rookie and veteran have a place on the team. On every line. Which were changed often. And by often I mean basically every game.

Thank you for instilling the fear of a crazed goalie into other teams. 

 ...seriously this still haunts me. I mean look at those 'It puts the lotion in the basket' eyes! 

...seriously this still haunts me. I mean look at those 'It puts the lotion in the basket' eyes! 

Thank you for allowing us to see and hear Tim Murray say "The Buffalo Sabres select Jack Eichel" with the least possible emotion in the history of organized sports.

Speaking of, thank you for letting us feel like the real #1 of the draft pick lottery.

Thank you for giving us LITERALLY THE BEST GOAL SONG IN THE LEAGUE (a lot of people made some noise in that joint)

Thanks for not getting Mike Babcock.

Thank you for showing us Rob Ray eat a hot dog on live television--sorry Rayzor.

Thank you for the 45 seasons you've given Buffalonians a reason the jacket-slicing winter winds are bearable to walk downtown.  

Thank you for adding a player who won all three of his fights this year...with the same the same game.


Last, but not least, thank you for making this year so exciting that all of Buffalo can't wait to see what we can do come next October. 


Kyle Cataldo, a forever fan.