Sabres Stomp Out Flames in High Scoring Game

TL;DR: First period is slow. Escalates quickly. Foligno gets a shorty. Eichel breaks his slump. Risto rocket. Sabres score big, finish 6-3

This game was a wild ride, so if you weren't able to watch it,  strap in because a lot of info and gifs are below. 

First Period: The Sabres were given 3 chances to score on the Power Play, and only got one shot on net, continuing their slump with the extra man.  Fans were just as tired as we were up in the booth, I considered making a run to the closest Walmart to grab a pillow. Nonetheless Buffalo ended up with a few chances and bested the Flames in the first with 8-4 shots on goal.

But, this is where it gets good.

Second Period: Started with a 4 on 4 and Buffalo still couldn't drive it home on the power play, but the Flames did, burning us (not my only fire related joke, I'm sorry. Wait. Actually no I'm not)1-0. Halfway through the period, Risto scores, and FNC starts shaking with excitement. 

Deslauriers was called for penalty, and the Sabres had to kill it off; however, during the PK a moose charged down the ice and scored, celebrating accordingly.  

The Flames tied it up not even a minute later, but the Sabres weren't having it. Deslauriers scores a dinger making it 3-2 with only a couple minutes remaining in the second.

Third Period: Monahan of the Flames scores, tying it at 3. Larry said not today, scores, making it 4-3. We've heard the goal song four times now, and we want to completely douse the flames. 

They've stopped, dropped, and now they started rolling on Calgary. Eichel beats his seven game slump with a great screen by Reinhart, also our first power play goal in a while, making the score 5-3 if you're still with me.

With a few minutes remaining the Flames pull Hiller in an attempt to fuel the fire. In doing so,  Kane gets empty netter, completely stomping out the Flames, 6-3.

Fans at the First Niagara Center were on fire (okay I think I'm done) after the Sabres started scoring.  It appeared as if there was hope even with the injury to ROR, and that we can score...a lot. We again have three players tied with the most goals: Reinhart, Eichel, and Kane. 

Foligno had this to say on the game: "You have to be confident too. We're slowly getting confidence where we get over that blue line...we have our head up and making passes, not just dumping it in all the time and chasing." 

Sabres play again on Saturday against the Minnesota Wild who just defeated our neighbors to the north 2-1. 


(Photo credit-Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images, @BuffaloSabres)