Fasching Records First as Sabres Edge Jets

TL;DR: Fasching scores his first, Nelson assists his first. Reinhart scores. Eichel scores. Sabres win 3-2.

With their final game against the Jets this season, the Sabres picked up a broom and swept the series, coming back from a 2-0 deficit. 

First Period: The Jets opened up the scoring as Nikolaj Ehlers walked in and went high on Johnson almost five minutes into the game. Disappointing as the Sabres had more chances early on due to sloppy passing. Since the right wing worked for the first goal, the Jets decided to do it again and make the game 2-0 a minute later. The next few minutes slowed by until...

HUDSON FASCHING SCORED, HIS FIRST OF HIS NHL CAREER. Nelson also got an assist which nets his first in the NHL as well. The crowd went crazy after announcing the goal, and it felt like the momentum had shifted from the first five minutes.

Another note from the first, the Sabres gave a tribute to Drew Stafford and Tyler Myers, as well as Tim Macre for his 1500th game as an athletic trainer. Stick taps to everyone.

Second period: Sabres had a few chances, and almost five minutes in had to go on the penalty kill via an Evander Kane tripping call but, luckily they killed it off. There were a few chances for each team, and Buffalo was granted two power plays in a row thanks to Stuart and Byfuglien, but they weren't able to capitalize. 

Third period. Early chances led to an beautiful early goal by one of our favorite rookies, Reinhart, his 21st of the season. 

They kept the puck rolling with a Jack Eichel goal, his 23rd. And yes, if you're keeping track, the goals so far have been scored by players all under 21

Chances kept coming with Foligno and Larsson both dinging it off the post. Winnipeg pulled the goalie with a minute and a half remaining, and that would be all they did until the end.

The locker room was all smiles, especially from Fasching who had this to say:

 It's kind of a dream come true...a really happy moment or me. I was sitting on the bench and coach kept tapping me, and I said "what, am I in the way or something?", and he's like no, you're out there. 

Coach Bylsma had this to say about Fasching after his goal.

It was infectious, the energy he had coming back to the bench after that goal. He sprinted back to the bench.

With this win the Sabres have eliminated Winnipeg mathematically from playoff contention. If this game is any indication of the future, it's pretty bright. Three rookies made goals today, and like I said above they were all under 21 years old. Murray is probably gleaming knowing that some of his moves made the biggest difference for the win.

(photo credit: Bill Wippert-Getty Images)