Fasching and Nelson Get Go Ahead, Murray's Plan Progressing

With news of the Buffalo Sabres signing Eric Cornell, Casey Nelson and Hudson Fasching, GM Tim Murray's grand plan is starting to reveal itself with a first step towards the culmination of the Sabres rebuild. 

Hudson Fasching, a name that has been talked about for the past week, has been eyed up by Murray for a few years after he picked him up in a trade with Los Angeles. If you need a refresher as to what this 20 year old can do, take a look below (you may want to sit down, there are some beauties).

Fasching, a power forward who just signed a three-year entry level contract this week, is finishing out his Junior year with the University of Minnesota with 38 points in 37 games. He is slated to start, along with Nelson, today against the Jets. He has already practiced with the team and has played with Jack Eichel in the U.S. National Development team in 2012-2013 and in 2015 for the IIHF World Juniors. Dan Bylsma had to say this about the young forward, "he's a bit of a late bloomer; Casey is, with his career and his game. But he's an exciting player because I think of what the possibilities are of what he could be for our team." 

So how do these signings play into Murray's scheme?

Progressing the long haul. Ever since the start of the rebuild, we've been slowly noting the moves that our faithful GM has been making, and as far as making those moves, he has been impressing. Just in the last year alone we've picked up Evander Kane, Ryan O'Reilly,  and Jack Eichel, who are all having stellar years. Don't worry Reinhart fans, I see you too, and he has surprised all of us this year, and we feel much like a proud parent.

Becoming tougher. We've seen just though the gameplay that this team has become grittier overall. Foligno, Deslauriers, Reinhart and Kane especially (the 3-0 Florida fight comes to mind) are just a few forwards that have come into fruition under Tim Murray. The current Sabres have no reservation for dumping the puck in and fore-checking to get it back, and it seems to be giving them heart, grit, and respect for each other.

I believe that Fasching is one of the final glimpses of light that leads to the end of the rebuild tunnel. Even if Fasching, Cornell, and Nelson take a few years to develop in Rochester, having them on tap is a huge bonus to the Sabres.