Sabres Dropped by Oilers

TL;DR: #McEichel mania. Eichel tries. McDavid succeeds and scores twice. Reinhart has beautiful pass. Lehner still has good game.

I know, you may not want a recap of this game, and lord knows I didn't (which is why I didn't write it last night). Nevertheless, here's a summary of the 2-1 loss for those who didn't watch it or want a more in-depth look.

Period one started rough with McDavid making BOGO look a'fool and scoring 22 seconds in to this game with this undoubtedly beautiful goal

There was one take-away from the game and that's Sam Reinhart's beautiful spin-o-rama pass to Ryan O'Reilly's older brother, Cal. 

It was a little disappointing to Sabres fans after the fact because the media seemed to overlook this play, and only focus in on the obscene amount of drama around Eichel vs. McDavid, and it showed during the entire game as if it were a heavy wight match-up. 

Throughout the night our fearless goalie made some incredible saves at key points in the game, like this one in OT. He made a total of 39 saves on the night, and if I were him I would be frustrated with his team's lack of scoring as of late (see the past 4 games). 

This game was pretty boring to those who watched it, or followed it via their Twitter feed. Last night was a stereotypical game with standard Sabres elements; giving up the first goal, having a lackluster first period, begin scoring when it's almost too late, a lack of scoring to support our great goaltending. 

The Blue and Gold face Calgary tomorrow night, and with games like last night's it makes you wonder if the team has the same scoring capabilities when our points leader, Ryan O'Reilly, injured.


(photo credit-Harry Scull Jr./Buffalo News, Oilers and Sabres Twitter teams)