Post Game Round-Up: Sabres v. Panthers

Hey everyone, Kyle here. Below is a wrap up of the game period by period with some GIFs, but if you want a TL;DR (Too long; didn't read) version, I also have you covered.

Sabres gave a great fight (mostly Kane), but lost to Florida 4-7.

The Panthers struck first almost halfway through the starting period with a Reilly Smith snipe above Lehner's glove side, after what seemed to be an even match-up.  Looking less frantic than they did in the previous two games against the Bruins, the Sabres still seemed confident...then the Panthers scored again (Campbell)....then again (Jokinen). It went down ice for the remainder of the period.  Passing was sloppy, there was little effort made in their own end and what little the Sabres did produce was short-lived.

Within the first 30 seconds of the 2nd period, Florida scored again, signalling a Sabres goalie change. It seemed like it worked, because the Sabres responded with a goal by our favorite rookie in his second season as a Sabre, Sam Reinhart, his 15th on a power play.  The spark didn't stop there because immediately after Evander Kane threw punches with Alex Petrovic. 

SAM WASN'T DONE THOUGH. Serious Sam scored another, again on the power play, and just like that the Sabres were in the game. Unfortunately they couldn't keep the momentum as Brandon Pirri scored Florida's 5th goal off a redirect.  The chances weren't enough in the second though because the cats kept scoring to make it 6-2 (yes it was Jagr), which wrapped up the 2nd

A pretty static beginning to the last period happened, until KANE SCORED A GOAL. THE HYPE TRAIN WAS BACK ON TRACK. Not only that, but Petrovic got his third chance to duke it out against Kane after he scored...AND LOST. Sorry for all of the caps, but dang did that span of 3 minutes feel good as a Sabres fan. They fought back a little with a goal, but the Panthers answered right back, capping the game at 7-4. 


Thanks for reading this far, I appreciate you for sticking around, and I hope you enjoyed the wrap up. Credit for the GIFS/photos go to @myregular face and the @buffalosabres media team including Bill Wippert.