Here's Who We Think Will Win Super Bowl 50

We picked the Carolina Panthers to win Superbowl 50.  The Herd Report tells you why Denver can't stop the train that Carolina is on.  Also, what happened to the Roman numerals, NFL?  #SuperbowlL  Oh, yeah I guess that does look kind of silly.


I'm taking the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. They've been the best team all year and there is no reason to believe that will change on Sunday.  It is Cam Newton's year where he'll take the Super Bowl and the MVP. The Denver defense is good, but not good enough to give Peyton Manning the farewell tour he is hoping for.


Cam Newton will be the victor this Sunday. The Carolina offense has been stellar all season and I can't see that ending with anything other than Newton getting what he deserves - a superbowl ring.  Denver is great as well (it'll be a great game at least), but Peyton himself wasn't great against the Pats, and after a final Superbowl apperance, I believe he will retire.


Peyton Manning is America's Quarterback. The whole country loves him, including myself.  However, the last time he made it on the big stage he did not perform at his best under pressure.  And then you have Carolina.  Who can't love the story of the rise of the Panthers during this last year?  That's why I am taking the Panthers to win the game.  They are a force to be reckoned with, as shown once again two weeks ago when they sent Tom Brady back to Boston.  Cam Newton will get his first Superbowl ring and dance in celebration.  If the Broncos let them run away with it the whole team might even take a sideline selfie mid-game again.


I love to play amateur sports psychologist as much as the next guy and I think that Peyton Manning already has one mental foot in retirement depite his best efforts otherwise.  From the comment to Belichick after the AFC game to the general rumblings from his friends and family, it seems like this is it.  Unfortunately, I can't see Manning playing his best under those conditions.  Putting everything on one final game is a lot of pressure for anyone to handle and when you add up the desire to retire on top to the fact that the Broncos likely wouldn't start him next year if he did try to stick around... I like the storybook idea of Manning going out in a blaze of glory, but history says that the greats rarely get to go out on top.  A poor offensive showing from Denver will be enough for Carolina to capture the win.