THR's Last Minute Trade Deadline Takes

Getting 'em in by 3pm


It's hard to see Weber go even though I haven't been his biggest fan over the years.  He was a big part of the defensive core for a long time now but it will be good to see him on a winning team.  I think the Sabres will be either be getting rid of Moulson or McGinn.  It would be harder on Eichel to lose Moulson, but Moulson has been underperforming this entire season and with how consistent McGinn has been for the team, I wouldn't be surprised if Murray wants a bigger return on him, maybe from the Islanders for Okposo?  I do feel like with how loose and wild GM Tim Murray can be, I'll be sad but not surprised if he ships off Ennis somewhere for a smaller return and some draft picks, let's say Tampa or Los Angeles.


The Sabres picked up Alex Guptill, Eric O'Dell, Cole Schneider and Michael Sdao from Ottawa in exchange for minor league forwards Jason Akeson and Phil Varone and defenseman Jerome Leduc. Picking up 4 AHL players further shows the long term vision the organization is taking with this rebuild coming off of the last few years of #TankNation.  Which to be honest I love. There is real potential is building the team up strategically and methodically.  Pending the right strategic bets, I am happy to see the patience the administration is giving the organization to do it right. I am excited to see what other moves the Sabres make.


It's a shame that Mike Weber is already gone, because the Dallas Stars have been looking for a veteran defenseman and I would have happily shipped Weber and, say, the underperforming Moulson or Gionta to the Stars for the equally underperforming Valeri Nichushkin.  Nichushkin had a fantastic rookie year, but fell off after injury.  Perhaps a change of scenery would have jump started him and helped the Sabres alleviate their scoring woes by putting another hungry young kid out there to compete for goals with Ryan O'Rielly and Jack Eichel.   It's a bit late for that at this point as I don't know that we have anything else that Dallas would want.  That said, if I must  pick someone to get rid of, I would still elect to ship either Gionta or Mouslon.  Both are veterans who are on the team more for their leadership than their goal-scoring right now and we don't need two players filling that same role.  Between the two, I would prefer to get some return for Moulson.  The only argument against that pick is the mentorship relationship he has with house-mate Eichel, who is currently living with him.  With Eichel playing well and with Gionta's greater career value, it might be better to see if there are takers for the former Devil and Canadien.