Lucky Bounces Lift Sabres Over Sharks

TL;DR: Close game. Sabres win 3-1. Johnson on point (probably going back to San Jose). Lucky bounces. No penalties? Bogosian had a great game.

Kyle again, here to give you the skinny on what happened during the second game of #Sabresafterdark, the road series that has taken Buffalo out West for a couple games. Let's dive right into it.

The first period was very back and forth, neither team earning more than five shots, mostly battling in the neutral zone.  The Sharks did strike first, making fans weary we'd battle back since our record isn't stellar against teams that do so. 

The Sabres came alive in the second period after a miscommunication in the Sharks zone, leading to a Gionta steal, and a Larsson I'm-going-to-nudge-it-in-just-in-case goal. 

After this goal, however, Johnson began to shine as a great back-up goalie and made some incredible saves, including one involving a bobble.  Also, Johnson's great net minding let most think about his future with the organization because so many other teams are looking for a dependable back-up, such as the Sharks and the Blues. He made 24 saves in a lower scoring night for both teams, which is what earned him the first star.

In the third period, the Sabres came out to win. Zach Bogosian, who was already having a great game on defense by stopping plays and taking no prisoners in the neutral zone, scored on a lucky tip.  Buffalo amped up their play after the BOGO go-ahead and they fought through the remaining 10 minutes of play to defend their lead, forcing the Sharks to pull their goalie with the remaining minutes which led to a Kane goal to bury the Sharks on land.  

Also. Weird thing. There were no penalties in this entire game. This is the third time in the league this season that this anomaly has happened. There were a few times in the game where there could have been a tripping call, but overall it was a clean, physical game. 

With a game like this for Johnson, does this mean he will for sure be traded before the deadline just days away? What do you think is up Tim Murray's sleeves? 


(photo credit- Don Smith/NHLI via Getty Images, @myregularface, @buffalosabres)