Bills vs. 49ers: The Herd's Two Point Conversion

After the Bills resounding 45-16 victory over San Francisco, we figured it is a good time to revive our two point conversion where members of the Herd chime in with their game takeaways.

Kyle 1st point: Our defense was a little more limited compared to the past couple weeks, but Kaepernick's lack of accuracy definitely helped out our secondary.  The forced fumble by Robey-Coleman put the nail into the coffin of the 49ers offense, and I can't wait to see what the defense does next week. 

Kyle 2nd point:  Even with Sammy injured our other receivers (I'm looking at you Robert Woods) have been pretty solid. We have been relying a lot on our fantastic ground game, but if we do keep it in the air, we also have a semi-dependable targets to throw to.

Greg 1st point: -In the NFL it's really easy to find a running back. They fill in quickly, and much of their performance hinges on the offensive line ahead of them. However, there is an upper echelon that cannot be mimicked, and LeSean McCoy is consistently proving to be in that category. 

Greg 2nd point: -FiveThirtyEight says the Buffalo Bills have a 71 percent chance to make the playoffs. We could probably go 6-4 (Let's say we lose to the Patriots, Seahawks, Raiders and Steelers) the rest of the way and get in. I'll sleep well tonight with those stats and the Miami Dolphins coming next week. Oh, and Jonah Javad wants us to tank. 

Kevin 1st point:  I needed the Bills to win this week for both fantasy and moral reasons. With the way the 49ers have been playing I took them in my Survivor league this week as the safe bet, which felt great! Anytime I can say Bills and safe Bet in the same sentence. I'm happy!  

Kevin 2nd point: The team played great! For the 4th week in a row! After over 15 years of no playoffs I still remain a skeptic but I'm slowly starting to believe. We aren't even half way through the season yet though so let's keep it going!