2016 Buffalo Sabres Hype List

The Sabres have their home and season opener Thursday against the Canadians and the Herd Report has put together a list of things to look forward to this season.

  1. Sam and Jack are back, it's their Sophomore season. Plus, now they live together...so...spin-off show?
  2. Robin Lehner looked fresher than ever during the few games he played in during the preseason, and after dropping over 30 pounds during the offseason, he will be in good form
  3. Rick Jeanneret
  4. Ryan O'Reilly is coming right off a victorious Worlds tournament with team Canada
  5. It'll be the first time seeing Kyle Okposo during the regular season donning the blue and gold
  6. That sweet sweet goal song
  7. Derek Grant!? He came out of the preseason with 6 points total (3 goals, 3 assists) 
  8. Rob Ray eating another hot dog on air?
  9. Tyler Ennis coming back on the ice to play in his first game since his injury

      11. [added post-injury] Jack Eichel returning healthy after 4-6 weeks from his injury during practice (tries not to cry)