A Brief Look at Why Ryan O'Reilly is Heading to the All-Star Weekend

The annual All-Star break is this weekend in Nashville, and amidst the hype about former Sabre John Scott's selection, Buffalo fans are excited to see our own player shine.  

Ryan O'Reilly was selected from the roster to represent the Sabres, and before we see him play among the best I figured we could look at what helped his bid.  

Warning: Loads of beautiful goal GIFS and other media below  

Top shelf against the 'Hawks.

This one-two punch assisted by Eichel.

A highlight reel accomplishment with the home crowd.

Being there. Period.

Along with his leadership on the ice with team leading 16 goals and 40 points, he is also a leader off the ice, taking to the community quickly. Community outreach has been a passion so far in Buffalo by visiting Roswell Cancer Institute, and promoting adoption from the local SPCA to name a few. 

Acquiring him before the season start seemed like a big deal at first, especially because his contract is the richest in Sabres history.  At 7 years and $52.5 million, so far O'Reilly seems worth it.  With how his inaugural season as a Sabre is going thus far I and many of the fans can't wait to see what he'll do for the team during the rest of his time here.  

Congrats Ryan, here's to hoping you have a great time in Nashville this weekend as a well deserved All-Star.


Credit goes to the Buffalo Sabres media team for putting together all of these wonderful GIFS/videos/photo.