Jets at Bills: Week 17 Preview

The Bills already know that Sunday will be their final game of the season.  While they have to go, they know that with a win, they may be able to take the Jets with them.  The Herd Report tells you how we feel about that:


I'm a dirty traiter and I know it.  With the Bills out of the playoffs already, I have to admit that I think I'd rather see our old friend Ryan Fitzpatrick get to the first playoff game of his career than cheer for whatever moral victory it would be for Rex Ryan to sweep his old team.  Plus, losses only help the Bills for the draft at this point.  I'm not proud of this, Buffalo fans, but at least I'm honest.


I hate to admit it, but Doug makes a good point about this weeks game.  Let's start looking to next year now if we want to make the playoffs. I also agree with Greg's piece on Rex Ryan from earlier this week.  Everyone who is calling for Rex Ryan to be fired because (suprise) he did the exact same over-promising routine here as he did in New York City needs to stop and realize that making moves based on emotion is what was wrong with this team in the first place.  Emotion can be a powerful tool, but if it is not used along with smart logic then it just results in stupid penalties and communication breakdowns.  The past few seasons are a testament to that.  So let's make the logical smart move and give Rex more time.  A series of several correct and logical next moves are the only way to move the needle on the Bills path back to the playoffs, and eventually a Super Bowl.


I'm conflicted, folks.  As much as I want the Bills to beat the Jets tomorrow, it would be rude not to allow The Beard to be Feared in the playoffs.  As long as Buffalo shows up to the game and makes it a good one, I will be happy.  In an ideal world, the Bills win, but Pittsburg loses.  Rex gets his win, the Jets go to the Wild Card game and everyone is happy.