Evander Kane's Return to Winnipeg Legendary for Reinhart

Buffalo snapped their 6 game losing streak yesterday against the Jets, but that wasn't even close to being the highlight of the game. Actually, it was probably the 3rd biggest news to come out of the victory.

Evander Kane (and Zach Bogosian for that matter) returned to their previous team, and Kane was welcomed back with what most expected: Boos and negative emotions.  There were even plans to wear tracksuits by Jets fans to mock Kane's dicey history.  Early into his home-coming, Kane took a spill on the ice during practice and well...the fans ate it up.

Throughout the game fans both at the game and watching from afar were anticipating much more of a fire ignited in Evander, but instead received a great hockey game.  Classy is how you could describe his attitude towards the game, and he made sure that the hard feelings that may have been there wouldn't show in his performance.  It was bittersweet as a fan to see Drew Stafford and Tyler Myers play on a high caliber team as well to contribute to a hard-fought game.  Kane did help with fueling the already physical game; however, Sam Reinhart came home the true winner.

Our favorite rookie that isn't Jack Eichel recorded his first NHL hat trick to put away the game for the Sabres. Sam Reinhart's 3rd goal of the day (his 12th on the season) of course was set up in an honorable fashion by who else but Evander Kane, who could have easily taken the open net and stuck it to his Winnipeg stomping ground, but chose not to.  Reinhart's goals were all beautiful, and to the fans watching it was a nice feeling to see our boys score more than one or two let alone three by one player. 

Kane's concluding pass--to which Jets fans exclaim "Oh sure, now he passes!"--ended the game with hopefully some cynics changing their tune if only by a single note.  Fans came into the the day assuming that Kane would  would play in dramatic fashion to drum up drama, but he didn't quite give them satisfaction, he just handed the Jets a loss and went on his merry way with Reinhart by his side.



(photo credit-thescore.com)