Bills 41, Dolphins 14: THR's 2-Point Conversion

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What happens when you take Buffalo to where the Dolphins live?  To find out, we pushed a Bison out of a cargo plane into the Atlantic ocean.  Prophetically, it swam like the majestic creature that it is.  Then we watched a football game and each of us came up with two things that Bills fans should take away from an important divisional game in week three.


  1. Giving the undersized Tyrod Taylor some space and depth in the pocket is proving helpful.  He has the speed and the arm to take a deep drop.  He just need the opportunity.  Making sure Taylor got more space was a great adjustment from Greg Roman this week.
  2. Ronald Darby deserves a ton of props for his progression since the preseason.  At the time, it looked like he might be a liability to our defense.  However, he has proven to be a strength at times, consistantly making plays on the ball and looking more and more confident by the week (especially when Bacarri Rambo isn't running into him).


  1. The cold front hits Miami. Tannehill can't catch a break and we're making sure he knows why. This is exactly what we need to see; our defense is back on track after last week's shake-up.
  2. A lot of credit goes to our O-line stepping up. Because of the support in front of him, Tyrod looks comfortable in the pocket and it shows.


  1. Perhaps its just the seasoned Bills' fan in me, still scared to get to optimistic, but I felt throughout the first half that the Bills weren't being good so much as the Dolphins were being incompetent.  The Bills first touchdown is a good example.  Charles Clay beat three defenders, but he practically walked past them.  It felt like if Miami had gotten a good night's sleep last night, he would have been stopped fifteen yards out.  Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled with the win, but everyone in the building noticed that Miami showed up with a complete lack of energy.

  2. As Miami faltered at the very end of the game, my fears turned out to be unfounded.  But fear I did as Buffalo started slow in the second half.  After putting up 27 points in the first half, the Bills offense was completely anemic until Karlos Williams took it to the house on a handoff from EJ Manuel of all people.  Yes, Tyrod hit Hogan at the beginning of the quarter when Miami blew their coverage, but remember that we would have never been in a position to do that if Miami hadn't kept the drive alive by handing us a first down with a timely penalty.  Twice. The first was running into the kicker and the second was hands to the face.  The Bills were fine because Miami was still mostly incompetent, but you can't let good teams hang around later in the season.  The Bills definitely need to make sure they keep the pedal on the floor and finish teams off.


  1. Love it. Pick 6 was incredible and the defense has been top notch. Also, I know we already said it on Twitter, but Karlos Williams has been running like the Human Incarnation of an actual Buffalo stampeding through the Miami defense. His touchdown in the 4th was some nice icing on the cake.

  2. Really glad to see EJ got some reps on the field and that it also resulted in a touch down. Funny note on the commentators: "Well it's a blow out, what should we talk about now...? How about the Patriots!" Yes because that is what your Buffalo and Miami audience has been waiting to hear...


  1. This was a wonderful home opener for Miami, no?  Buffalo looked stout on defense and was able to execute on offense.
  2. I liked the way we bounced back from the Patriots to go hard after the the Dolphins, even while on the road.


  1. Karlos Williams is better than LeSean McCoy. 
  2. If you would have told me before the season that the Bills would have two defiant wins over Indianapolis and Miami while losing to Brady and the Patriots by one score thru three weeks, I would have gladly signed up for it.