Patriots 40, Bills 32: THR's 2-Point Conversion

Each of The Herd Report's Editors give their two points on week two. Pardon our dust as we try a new format and feel free to let us know how you like it, don't like it, or wish it was sponsored by Uggs like Tom Brady in the comments below.


  1. Penalties hurt the Bills massively in this game.  Arron Williams was benched for a period in the first half after multiple Personal Fouls, a series of 15-yard setbacks that hurt our momentum early.  And it was fitting that the Bills' hopes of stopping the Patriots' final drive to keep within 5 points ended with a 20 yard pass interference penalty.  The Bills were in their own way all night soliciting the flags, particularly on defense and special teams.  They were flagged for three separate penalties on a single kick return in the 4th quarter.  The official stat line says the Bills committed 14 penalties (the Patriots had 11), but it felt like a lot more than that.  There were stretches where it seemed there was a penalty nearly every play and multiple times where the Patriots declined penalties because there was more than one on a play.

  2. Tyrod Taylor was holding onto the ball too long, but it was hard to tell if this was because he couldn't be decisive or because the receivers just weren't open.  Either way, it's clear that the passing game needs to be more consistent (though he did throw some nice balls when it was too little too late).  One thing in defense of Tyrod's stats is that none of his three interceptions were really bad decisions.  Two were just a little high and went off the receivers hands and the other was a throw and pray to end the first half.



  1. Though the defense looked bad early, it's worth noting that the Pat's started with great field positioning when they had the 2nd and 3rd scoring possessions.  Our defense didn't have to show much.

  2. It seemed like Tyrod spent too much time looking for flashy plays instead of effective ones.  He needed to throw short darts, not long bombs, especially when the pocket kept collapsing quickly around him.



  1. A team built around the run will always have a hard time in time crunching situations. Need to get rid of the ball quickly and get it in the playmakers' hands.

  2. This defense should never, ever, ever allow 40 points. Never.



  1. We got lucky during the second quarter with the flags against the Patriots. We managed to capitalize on them but still missed the extra point on the second touchdown drive. 

  2. Pretty good job with clock management and forcing turnovers in the 4th quarter. The throw to Sammy Waktins for the TD was great! The Bills made a good comeback at 32-37 with 4 minutes left. It wasn't enough though. We need to step up drastically next week.



  1. I am worried about the o-line... Eric Wood is our most overrated player. Him and Cordy Glenn have continued their struggles into the 2015 season. John Miller is having a more difficult transition than people expected.
  2. Tough game but I'll look from a different perspective. Many AFC teams are struggling. AFC North looks weak. Miami is off to a tough start. If we can be 2-1 after our first three games I'd be thrilled. Long season...guys are still coming together.


  1. Tyrod needs to be more comfortable while navigating the pocket. He had happy feet yesterday and looked like a rookie quarterback for much of the game. 
  2. The offensive line could be the downfall of the Bills season, in order for Roman's offense to work blocking needs to be drastically better.