Cut Cassel

The Buffalo Bills announced earlier this week that Tyrod Taylor would be their starting quarterback. That leaves EJ Manuel and Matt Cassel waiting in the wings. Rex Ryan would not say in which order the latter quarterbacks stand on the depth chart and said he expected to keep three quarterbacks on the roster.

But, if the Bills decision to cut the beloved Fred Jackson was money motivated it would fall in that line of logic to also cut loose Cassel.

If kept Cassel would be the second most expensive backup quarterback in the league, behind only Robert Griffin III. He would also be paid more to backup than Ryan Fitzpatrick, Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles and Josh McCown are getting paid to start for their respective teams.

Cassel also doesn’t present many positive reasons to be on the roster. He was outperformed by Taylor throughout the preseason, and probably outperformed by Manuel as well. Manuel, the younger and more versatile talent, has proven he deserves a spot on the roster. Cassel’s strength, being game management, does nothing for the Bills holding a clipboard.

The Bills don’t lose much either in losing Cassel. They acquired the quarterback through a trade in which they gave up a sixth-round draft pick. With the depth of this roster, it is unlikely that pick would have made the roster if kept anyways. The Bills can cut Cassel and still feel good about the trade, giving them an insurance tryout if the unknowns—Taylor and Manuel—imploded in camp.

If the Bills are trying to save money for the looming Marcell Dareus deal, this might be the perfect way to ensure it happens. It’s time to cut Cassel.