Buffalo Bills Fans Are The Loudest In The NFL

Buffalo Bills Loudest Fans

Are Buffalo Bills fans the loudest in the NFL. As of this writing $9,195 and 706 people in just the last 2 days say, yes. A Bills Fan Go Fund Me campaign to prove that Bills Fans are actually the loudest in the NFL has surpassed it's goal of $8,000 dollars. The 8 grand raised will be used to fly the Guinness Book of World Records to Buffalo for Sundays game against the New England Patriots. 

The Buffalo local Brandon Campbell is spearheading the campaign and working with Guinness to have decibel testing equipment brought up to Buffalo in time for Sunday's game against Tom Brady. If successful Buffalo Bills fans, the real 12th man, can steal the world record for loudest fans from the current holders, the Kansas City Chiefs fans.