Herd Report 2-Point Conversion: Week 1

THR's "The 2-Points Conversion" is your right-after-the-play reaction, where we go for two by giving you the points that stood out to us in tonight's game.

Bills Week 1: Here's what we saw

  • When CBS analyst Tony Gonzalez was asked to pick two teams for the Super Bowl during the pre-game show, he picked Seattle and the Buffalo Bills.  I nearly choked to death on my milk.  Having a network analysts say that seriously is both exciting and a little scary.
  • The 12th man was a major factor in the game, messing with the Andrew Luck's offense early.  Then in the second half, the 13th man came in: the rain.  The fine misting that hit the field late in the third quarter caused several slip ups for both teams: Tyrod Taylor dropped a ball, receivers for both teams slipped trying to make cuts in their routes, and finally the Colts lost a punt return.
  • The Colts couldn't block the Bills D-line, so they just held them.  The Bills might not have racked up sacks today, but they still made their presence felt by causing penalties and rushing Luck on many plays.  Plus the Colts had only 64 total rushing yards.  Plus they'll be even better when Darius returns.  I'm excited.
  • The Bills O-line, not so much.  Back up running back Karlos Williams and QB Tyrod Taylor both had more rushing yards than LeSean McCoy and Taylor was hurried frequently.  McCoy's best run was called back on a hold.  Overall, the offensive line was just good enough to manage.  McCoy's a back who makes players miss.  He's not a bruiser.  The blocking will have to be better for him to succeed.  Churning out hard yards is more William's style.
  • Tyrod's decision making was good.  He had the long bomb to Pecy Harvin, had a long run, and no major mistakes.  It was a good start for him.
  • Colton Schmidt averaged over 50 yards a punt.  Special teams was actually a highlight of the day.

Bonus Point on the Bonus Points: What was Rex so worried about?  Carpenter was 2-for-2 including a 45-yarder.