Some Thoughts On Fred Jackson

My thoughts on the Buffalo Bills release of Fred Jackson are scattered and complicated. I think it’s even too soon to truly grasp what happened. But, I’ll try my best. Rather than paragraphs I’ll go with bullet points—this is too messy for longform and too complicated for order. Instead I’m simply typing what pops into my mind. No order. No reason. Just thoughts.

  • Thank you, Fred.
  • To say Fred Jackson has been the heart and soul of the Buffalo Bills this past decade is an understatement.
  • Sure, maybe you save some money cutting Freddy. But how much is his leadership worth?
  • Freddy loved putting on a Buffalo Bills uniform, at a time when it wasn’t always easy to do so.
  • Rex always talks about “representing our community,” then cuts our most involved and influential player.
  • Sports suck.
  • Freddy was here through the worst. Now, when it seems that we are near the light at the end of the tunnel, Jackson won’t be here for the spoils. If we win a Super Bowl in the next 5 years he should get a ring. Buffalonians should pool their money to buy him a ring.
  • Fred is the kind of player you tell your kids about. I know I’ll tell mine.
  • He’s the reason we all love sports. Sure, numbers are nice and wins/losses are the only things that ultimately matter. But Fred’s the reason we love sports. The underdog. The counted out. The buzzed uncle in the backyard at the family BBQ calling I-formation run plays in two-hand touch, clinging to any subconscious sliver of “Hey, I could do that.”
  • If the Bills are a better team without Fred Jackson, I don’t know if I want to be good.
  • I was five years old the last time the Bills were in the playoffs. I have no recollection of that. Fred Jackson made it easier growing up a Bills fan.
  • Thank you, Fred Jackson.