Buffalo 6, Rochester 5: Bisons Win A Thriller

The Bisons' victory seemed a certainty when leading 6-1 heading to the ninth inning. Things would not be that simple, but the outcome stayed according to plan as Buffalo defeated Rochester 6-5 in a thrilling game. 

Buffalo wasted no time getting on the scoreboard. With runners on first and third, a misplayed pop fly to right field allowed a run to score. The fielder was not charged with an error, though it certainly didn’t hurt the Bisons effort.

With two runners on in the bottom of the third, the Bisons brought Andy Burns to the plate. That ended well for Buffalo, as Burns put a line drive double up against the left centerfield wall. Buffalo cleared the bases and added to its lead, now 3-1.

Rochester waited until the fifth inning to counter. They put Byron Buxton, MLB’s top prospect, on first base and let him loose to run the bases. Buxton went from first to home on a double in the gap, gliding easily across the diamond. The top prospect finished 4-5 on the day.

Burns helped out the Bisons again in the fifth. He took the first pitch of his at bat over the left field wall for a two-run home run. In the sixth inning Dalton Pompey scored his second run of the day, advancing the Buffalo lead to 6-1.

The Bisons brought in former pro (and my personal favorite) Joba Chamberlin to finish things off in the ninth. Following suit with his past performances, Chamberlin made things interesting. He loaded the bases before recording an out. The Bisons then began warming more relievers in the bullpen in expectation for the worst. They were right to do so. Though Chamberlin recorded a strikeout, he immediately gave up a bases clearing triple. The game was no 6-4 Buffalo, and Chamberlin was sitting in the dugout.

Buffalo’s next pitcher Ben Rowen allowed another run to score, though it still went on Chamberlin’s ledger. All signs pointed towards another run scoring. With a runner on second, Rochester served a single into left field. The Red Wings’ runner surprisingly rounded third and headed for home. Fortunately for the Bisons, he was pegged at home for the final out of the game.

The phenomenal end gave Buffalo an exciting 6-5 victory. These two teams square off again tomorrow at 12:35 p.m. in Coca Cola Field.

Mascot Race

Chicken Wing’s hubris struck again. Only five feet away from a victory, he began his celebration. Unfortunately, he was celebrating a second place finish as Bleu Cheese blew by him for the victory.