Goldilocks and the Three Quarterbacks. Which one is just right?

We all know the tale, the Bills have been consistently struggling for the past 7 seasons or so to find a franchise QB and this upcoming season is no different.  With rumors floating around on who will start for Buffalo in their first pre-season game this week, I thought having a mini-compilation of who the pros think is starting for Rex Ryan and his new team.  We’ll take a look at each QB from the recent white-blue scrimmage, and then give some insight as to what each verdict is.

a)     EJ Manuel: Consistency is key, and for that he would be a bad janitor.  Like we’ve seen the last few seasons he has made amazing plays, but then in the next formation tosses up a rock that nobody was even close to. BN noted a huge play that Manuel made at the team’s scrimmage in Rochester to Percy Harvin for a 25 yard gain, but then in the next play lost 8 yards on a run.  Rex was impressed with his efforts, but were the fans?  His young spirit and room to grow makes us wonder what he possibly could do with a new face behind the offense, but given how shaky the past few seasons have been, we have yet to find out a significant verdict on the FSU draftee.

b)     Matt Cassel: As far as average goes, he’s your average Joe.  With a few good and bad passes he did well during the scrimmage.  Rex has been trying to keep him safe, not letting him take too many hits and having him get rid of the ball if need be to avoid any confrontation.  The rumored starter for our pre-season opener didn’t look great as far as completion percentage as well as yardage compared to EJ (Cassel’s longest being 17 yards).  Since Matt has been on a few teams thus far in his career—his best so far with Kansas City—Buffalo fans are also curious to see how Matt will fare wearing different colors.

c)     Tyrod Taylor: Who? This newer face coming from Baltimore showed us his stuff at the scrimmage, and it was not what Rex and Tyrod himself expected.  Overthrowing passes, getting anxious in the pocket with enough pressure, and even and snapped ball sailing over his head reminds us of the days of Trent Edwards and J.P. Losman. Granted this was still just a scrimmage, but it was nothing to boast about for Taylor.  His biggest gain was a hook up for 36 yards with Nick O’Leary.  With more confidence in the pocket he has been known to make more accurate throws, but from what we’ve seen this porridge is too cold for the Bills.

And now we’ll examine a few of the predictions/verdicts that have been made so far.  Matt Cassel.  The overall consensus in the video, which says that Cassel, because of his consistency, will be the best weapon for Buffalo to wield.

TSN: While giving their own insights on the scrimmage, the heavy hand was being offered more towards EJ in their article even though they make sure to say that Cassel is starting for the Pre-Season opener.  His progress and results seemed to shine more for TSN and so it seems they’re pulling for EJ.

ESPN: During their short interview with Jim Kelly on the subject, again the tides are turning to take Cassel due to the “low risk, low reward” factor. Even though Cassel is probable to start against Carolina, EJ still is in the competition because of his ability to produce larger plays (even if they aren’t as consistent).  His depth as a QB is still progressing, and you can’t count him out just yet.

There you have it, just a few of the verdicts as far as who should be the Bill’s number one, sorry Tyrod, but never fear you still have a chance during the pre-season.  Not only is it going to be a battle to win those games, but also a battle for the top spot. 


| Image provided by Sports Journal