Former Sabres: Where are they now?

A small list of some of the most memorable Sabres from the last decade.  These are just a few that aren’t in the National Hockey League anymore.


1.     JAROSLAV SPACEK:  We all remember this man as one of our defensive tanks during the 2006-2009 seasons.  He was well-liked because of not only his ability to take and give hits, but also just as a reliable backer that served as a solid wall between the opposition and our goalie, Millisie at the time.  After leaving us Spacek headed for the Montreal Canadians in 2009, and then the Carolina Hurricanes in 2011.  When the 2012/2013 lockout hit the league Spacek formally announced his retirement and was last named the assistant coach for his home nation, the Czech Republic, for the 2014 IIHF World Championships.

2.   TEPPO NUMMINEN:  Keeping along with the backline for the Sabres, we have Teppo Numminen who also played from 2006-2009 (the Golden Years, besides the slug) as a reliable defenseman for the blue and gold.  Things got a little rough when Teppo was forced to get heart surgery to repair one of his valves; however, after the surgery was a success in 2008, he signed on to play another year.  He announced his retirement from playing hockey in ’09, but in 2011 Numminen was then picked up as an assistant coach to the Sabres until Nolan stepped in and cleaned house of everything that stunk of Ron Rolston.  Currently Teppo is living in NY with his family.

3.   CHRIS DRURY:  The star forward that somewhat resembled Patrick Dempsey—you’re welcome—was only with the Sabres for 3 seasons from 2003-2007, but while with Buffalo Chris was an all-star center and rocketed his career high 37 goals in his last season before signing a 5 year contract with Eastern Conference rival (one of many), the New York Rangers.   In 2011, he opted to have his contract bought out and retired.  Currently he lives in Greenwich, CT, kicking himself for leaving the Sabres, or at least I’d like to think so.

4.   RYAN MILLER: Still too soon. Also still in Vancouver. 

5.    MARTY BIRON:  Who can forget our blue eyed wonder back-up goalie to Miller?  Of course, we can never forget what he did at the historic Ottawa Senators team brawl. Marty played for the Sabres from 1999 all the way to 2007 with some trips to Rochester and other farm teams in-between.   After leaving us for Philly in 2007, he spent a few years playing for the Flyers, then the Islanders, before joining Drury in New York.  In 2014, with only 2 games played that season, Biron retired from the league. You can catch Marty hanging around WNY still as a broadcaster hanging out with TSN and the NHL Network, or as the Director of Goaltending at the Academy of Hockey in downtown Buffalo.

6.   MAXIM AFINOGENOV:  the beast from the East…ern hemisphere was known for his speed, his ability to score in style, and length of which he played for the Sabres.  Setting the record for a team player from the 1999 season all the way until 2009, when a groin injury left him un-signed by Buffalo and picked up by the Atlanta Thrashers for one career high goal season.  In 2010 Max decided to go back home to Russia and play in the KHL, where he still is.  #61 will always be remembered in Buffalo for his famous game-winning celebration in 2007 against the Rangers.