Duke Williams' DM Isn't The Problem

Recently pornstar Mia Khalifa posted a screenshot of a direct message conversation she and Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams had on Twitter. The exchange seemed lopsided, and unfairly portrayed Williams in a bad light. The conversation can be read here:


Khalifa posted the image with a caption saying, "Warning: Trespassers in my DM's will be shot and hung out to dry in public." The first interesting fact about the conversation is its plausibility. For Williams to even be able to direct message the pornstar, the two would have to mutually follow each other. That in and of itself defies Khalifa’s logic that Williams was “trespassing” in her DM’s.

But, if more thought on this inane topic is needed, there is the fact that Williams didn’t say anything rude, derogatory or intrusive. He really didn’t say much of anything. There were some simple invitations, and a polite introductory question. He didn’t blow up her inbox—all of the messages were months a part. Williams even claims that the entire conversation wasn’t posted.

He didn’t really do anything wrong. There is no penalty for encroachment of the DM’s.

However, there still is a flag on the play. That would be on Williams, for what he did after Khalifa posted the conversation.

Before Williams eventually posted the aforementioned comment claiming the entire conversation wasn’t posted and that he is indeed very well hydrated, Williams retweeted a Vine that can be seen here:

With the Vine (from fan Rob Quinn) was a caption reading "When Duke Williams sees Mia Khalifa on the other side of the club." 

Sure, Khalifa tried to make Williams look bad. And it surely was a knock at his millionaire, playing a game professionally lifestyle. Williams’ pride may have even been hurt a little. But that is little cause for the Bills’ safety to endorse a misogynistic, abuse-supporting Vine. If Williams truly did not think he did anything wrong (which he didn’t), he should have left the situation alone, or at least left it to the comment he later posted. You don’t fight low blows with more low blows. As a player in a league with the worst officiating in all of professional, and probably most amateur sports, Williams should know that.

There is no flag on the play for Duke Williams’ DM. But there is one for his response.

Spot the ball at the site of the foul, first and ten. Déjà vu.