Everybody Loves Rex

On December 31, 2014, Buffalo fans got an unexpected break up text from our Head Coach Doug Marrone, who accepted the opt out clause in his contract, leaving the 9-7 Bills team behind him and safely bringing with him $4 million.  It hurt. Marrone leaving was a terrible surprise after a shockingly inspiring season where for the first time in years we gossiped about our chances for a playoff berth instead of the stale draft pick conversation.  With a stellar defense, a growing offense, and without a captain at the helm, fans felt lost.

Enter: Rex Ryan. 

 We all knew him, the vivacious HC of the enemy NY Jets, and the fact that his name was mentioned for a coaching position was close to crazy.  We all knew his energy, we saw his anger, and we felt his spirit from games past.  And then, crazy became a reality when after two weeks from being fired from his Jets, “sexy Rexy” as fans called him, became our coach.

A few days after being picked by the Pegulas he gave the fans and the media that same energy and spirit in his first press conference.

Our faith was restored as we knew that this man would be a dedicated partner for the Bills, a feeling that Marrone never quite gave us. The man not only completely designed his truck to represent the team (of which you can spot a mile away around the area), but also changed his own ink and made the Bills logo the tattoo on his arm, replacing the Jets.

Why wouldn’t Buffalo love this man as a coach? Sure it may seem like we’ve merged with the Jets based on the off-season trades and pick-ups, but we have never been more excited for a season to start since after our 2004 run for the playoffs.  Season ticket sales have skyrocketed reaching record highs, we’ve seen him show up to national media spots such as Sports Illustrated with Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas, and the guy just jumped out of a plane this month with the Army’s Golden Knights.

I dare to say that Rex Ryan isn’t just the coach of the Buffalo Bills, he’s a Buffalonian now. And I think he’s here to stay.