What to Do When Nothing is Going on with the Bills

Listening to sports talk radio sometimes makes you feel like you are living in a time loop.  For three days in a row last week, all anyone could talk about on the local stations was how the rotating cast of Bills’ quarterbacks looked in training camp.  If we are going to change our opinions of quarterbacks on a day-to-day basis depending on one day of practicing without pads, we really have reached the peak of reactive society.  If it gets any worse, we’ll be updating our stance on the quarterback battle after each throw.  You simply can’t live that way.  I think that we need to face the harsh truth that only time will tell when it comes Manuel, Cassel and Taylor.  The coaches won’t make a final decision for another few months, so how can we?  The bottom line is that, listening to WGR’s field reporter going over that day’s practice, I couldn’t help but think, “can’t we just let this rest for a moment?”  There must be something else going on right now in Buffalo sports.

And so there is.  Here at The Herd Report, we’ve been covering the Bisons extensively.  We’re covering home games for FC Buffalo.  Don’t know what FC Buffalo is?  It’s our local professional soccer team.  And the games at All High Stadium have been a blast.  Speaking of the other football, WNY native Abby Wambach is a member of the U.S. women’s national team currently competing in the FIFA world cup.  I recommend checking it out.  And just last week University at Buffalo Track and Field athlete Jonathan Jones became the NCAA champion in the shot put.  For all the coverage of Hurley getting UB to the NCAA tournament this past season, there has barely been a blip for Jones despite the fact that he has been among the nation’s best in his sport for several years now and it might be a while before UB basketball with a national title.  So it’s not that the sports media has simply scraped the bottom of the barrel during a dead time for local sports.  They’ve just scraped the bottom for Bills coverage.

And so I’d like to politely recuse myself from the Bills talk for the next few months until things really start getting under way.  It might seem like an odd sentiment for a sports columnist, but fortunately for me I’m not the Bills writer for The Herd Report so I can afford to place my sports attentions elsewhere for the moment (those guys continue to do a great job, please read everything Kevin and Greg write).  All I’d like to say to WGR is that sometimes it’s okay to talk about something other than the Bills and Sabres.  I don’t want anyone to stop being a Bills fan.  However while we’re playing the waiting game with the Bills, I just want to recognize that now is as good a time as any to stick your head up out of the Bills bunker and see that there’s a whole wonderful world of sports out there, and even just considering the stuff with ties to Buffalo, it’s pretty compelling.