A New Era For The Buffalo Bills

With training camp and the 2015 season drawing near, it’s time to start considering all the things that have transpired over the past several months. A small period of time has brought shocking changes to the Buffalo Bills organization.  New ownership, player trades and acquisitions have added a new feel to a long patient fan base. Add these alterations to an already improving team, and this year could mark the beginning of a new era.

The Super Bowl years are long gone, at this point, a distant memory for those who witnessed them. Likewise, now too the repeated seasons of irrelevance are dissipating. After a 15 year drought, Buffalo is ready to make a run at the playoffs. Coming off the team’s most successful season in a decade, it appears the next step could be a postseason berth.

The additions of Rex Ryan, LeSean McCoy and Matt Cassel should only add to the prospects of the team. Rex brings with him a much needed voice, an identity that, although sometimes brash, lends national credibility to an organization desperately in need of it. He offers successful playoff experience and the kind of defensive “genius” that should turn the Buffalo defense into one of the most feared in the NFL. Questions at the quarterback position remain, but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem going forward. Ryan’s run heavy offense and a solid surrounding cast (on offense and defense) should only help to quell the team’s most obvious weakness. Obviously, Rex Ryan has plenty of experience overcoming below average starting quarterback play.

It’s needless to say that with an upper echelon quarterback the Bills would easily rank as a preseason Super Bowl contending favorite. However, although this isn’t the case, a trip to the playoffs is certainly a reasonable aspiration.

Conveniently, while the Bills are peaking, the Patriots are in a down swing. With Tom Brady presumably suspended for the team’s first four games, the division might finally be up for grabs. Perhaps “Up for Grabs” is too strong a phrase, as we are speaking about the ‘Evil Empire’ of the NFL, but you never know what will happen throughout the course of a football season. 16 games is a long time, and a few early losses could have New England scrambling.

It appears everything may be coming together for Buffalo. Terry and Kim Pegula have been a gust of fresh air for a downtrodden fan base. New life and confidence that have gone unseen for more than a decade’s time are displaying themselves once again. This is displaying itself not only in the Buffalo community but through the season tickets sales as well. As a matter of fact, season tickets sales have skyrocketed to record breaking levels. All of the anticipation and build up will be just in time for the Buffalo Bills’ most exciting season in recent memory.