A Reason, Or Excuse, To Come To The Park: Steve Lombardozzi

There are many reasons to come to Coca-Cola Field for a Bisons game on any given night. There’s the saliva eliciting food, which smells’ meditate in the hallways begging to be eaten. The entertainment between innings, including mascots running (or attempting to run) and t-shirts flying. The great atmosphere inside and outside of the stadium, with the city on the rise and the stadium improving as well. Oh, and there’s the baseball, of course. If the freshly cut, interestingly designed and pristinely green grass isn’t enough of a reason to come to the Bisons game here is another:

Steve Lombardozzi. This week the Buffalo Bisons host the Indianapolis Indians, Triple A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Lombardozzi is the Indians regular number three hitter, batting a solid .330/.414/.420 this season in the International League. Lombardozzi was up with the Pirates for six games this season and has played in 277 other MLB games with the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals. The utility man is a lifetime .265/.296/.339 hitter in MLB. Lombardozzi’s father also played MLB baseball from 1985-1990. If the name itself isn’t enough of a reason to come check out Lombardozzi, the Major League caliber play should be.

If you haven’t already hopped on the Bisons’ website to purchase tickets, and Steve Lombardozzi wasn’t enough of a reason, here is yet another:

Munenori Kawasaki. Yes, the Bisons’ beloved returns to Coca-Cola Field after his scary injury, being hit by a pitch high and inside. Kawasaki rejoined the team during their road trip, but returns home this week for the Indianapolis series and beyond. Kawasaki has been with the Bisons since 2013 and a fan favorite for the entire journey. The 34-year-old played 11 seasons in Japan before coming to America, also previously playing with the Seattle Mariners. Again, the riveting name should be enough to punch your ticket, but the baseball can hold its own as well.