Beware New England, the Buffalo Bills Are Coming

It always seemed to happen right after you won the biggest game of your Little League season. “Our best player wasn’t even there,” a kid on the losing team would yell, choking back a few mid-pubescent tears. And maybe it was true. Maybe their best player was grounded that night because he failed his math test the day before. But what does that change? Nothing should be the answer. You still won the game, and are packing the trophy into your mom’s minivan, after all. But as time passes those players from that losing team will indubitably repeat their mantra from that night, trying to take away from your victory in any way possible. It will forever follow your win, clouding over it like an April shower while never yielding those May flowers. Sadly, there never will be an escape.

Following the punishments handed down this week to the New England Patriots and specifically Tom Brady, this is the exact scenario that will play out with the Buffalo Bills in 2015. With one of the deepest and most talented rosters in the league, the Buffalo Bills will win the AFC East title and make the playoffs for the first time in a decade and a half. They’ll take the league by storm. They’ll have to build a new bandwagon because the current one just isn’t large enough. They’ll be all over ESPN with Chris Berman championing the cause, while #TheColdfront and #BillsMafia become bigger than #LegionOfBoom or any other hashtag ever was on Twitter.

All of this will happen, but, in the back of everyone’s minds and the front of Patriots fans’ will be the scenario that plays out in an alternate universe where Brady doesn’t get caught cheating/lying/impeding on an investigation and the Patriots start the season 4-0 rather than 1-3. “Our best player wasn’t even there,” they’ll cry throughout the streets.

But let them cry Buffalo, their run is over and they now have a person to blame: Tom Brady. Wait, no not Brady. That would be ridiculous to assume he and his twisted moral code could be the reason the Patriots fall from the top. That’s right, they’ll blame their old buddy Roger Goodell and the NFL front office. Yes, their loyalty is almost as limited as their time left on top. But again, let them forget their woes by playing the blame game.

We, us, the Buffalo Bills, we’ll simply be playing football in January. Don’t worry, New England. The British aren’t coming, but the Buffalo Bills certainly are.