Buffalo Bills Not So Ralph Friendly Schedule

The Buffalo Bills website graciously leaked the team’s 2015-2016 schedule nine minutes early today at 7:51 p.m.

The new campaign will open at the Ralph on Sept. 13 at 1:00 p.m. against the Indianapolis Colts and Andrew Luck. Many speculated that all the excitement surrounding the Bills this offseason would warrant the league opener three days earlier on a Thursday against the Super Bowl Champion and rival New England Patriots. However, Buffalo will have to wait until Nov. 12 for a primetime, Thursday night game at the New York Jets in Rex Ryan’s return to his old employer.

The primetime games don’t stop there, though. The following week the Bills play the Patriots at 8:30 p.m. for Monday Night Football in Foxborough.. That gives the Bills 10 days to prepare for the New England game—just in case seven wasn’t enough to show them who the new king of the AFC East is. But, Buffalo’s first shot at New England comes in week two on Sept. 20 at the Ralph (when the Pats will have nine days of their own to prepare, though it shouldn’t matter as much that close to the start of the season).

Something that is sure to be unpopular with the Bills Mafia is the long hiatus from the Ralph in late November into December. From Nov. 12 to Dec. 20 the Bills play five out of six games on the road. The terribly amazing Buffalo winters could benefit the Bills slightly, as they play both Texas teams at home in December—the Texans Dec. 6 and the Cowboys Dec. 27.

The Bills do get to finish their season against the Jets in Buffalo. Hopefully the Bills have clinched the playoffs weeks prior, but if week 17 must hold playoff implications, it’s best to be at home.

So now that the Bills have their schedule determined what are your thoughts? Leave your comment below and make sure to add your way too early regular season record prediction. (Mine you ask? 16-0, but that’s subject to change)