The Results Are In: Connor McDavid Or Jack Eichel To The Buffalo Sabres?

Last week the Buffalo Sabres locked in either the first or second draft pick by finishing last in the NHL, thus guaranteeing the Buffalo Sabres draft either Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel. Which meant instead of continuing to refer to the two players as one "McEichel" it was time to make a choice as to which player the fans actually want. So we asked you and this is what the votes showed. The winner is: 


 Connor McDavid

Connor McDavid

Connor McDavid - 77.2%

Jack Eichel - 19.3%

Noah Hanifin - 0.9%

Dylan Strome - 0.9%

Lawson Crouse - 0.9%

So there you have it. Not much of a surprise here. If anything it was interesting to see just how many people actually would prefer Jack Eichel to be drafted over Connor McDavid. Regardless of which player joins the Buffalo Sabres though both players would make a great addition to the team. I guess all that is left to wonder about now is how we get the first and second draft picks so we can land both players in Buffalo! 

Let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree with the results and why.