Bobby Hurley, We Hardly Knew Ye

 Bobby Hurley will become the next head basketball coach of the Arizona State Sun Devils

Bobby Hurley will become the next head basketball coach of the Arizona State Sun Devils

“My heart is here in Buffalo, with this group of kids I’m coaching and that’s what I plan on doing moving forward.”

Shame on us for thinking we can have nice things. It was not even two weeks ago that former Buffalo Bulls head basketball coach Bobby Hurley said those very words on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, basically assuring us he wasn’t going anywhere. Unfortunately, the point is moot now because he did go somewhere. Tempe, Arizona is where Hurley will now call home, leading the Sun Devils of Arizona State.

Dammit Bobby, how could you? Well…probably because Arizona State is a far better job. After I was done kicking, screaming, and burning all my Duke paraphernalia, I thought about it. And then I thought some more. What if leaving Buffalo was actually good for him? What if Arizona is better than our fair city?

The Sun Devils already have state of the art facilities, an above average football program, and a hockey team that will be going Division I at the start of next year. All that’s left is a competitive basketball team, and for Hurley, it shouldn’t be all that difficult. The Pac 12 had four NCAA Tournament bids this past season, but only two teams pose as a real threat, one of which may actually be his biggest ally. I know it sounds weird, but think about it. Forget about UCLA, they are always going to be a power in the Pac 12 due to their prestige and ability to recruit the state of California. But those pesky Wildcats of Tucson may be just what Hurley needs. Sure the University of Arizona is a far better program, coming off of back-to-back Elite Eight appearances, but that’s the beauty of it. Similarly to Buffalo, Hurley can fly under the radar and coast with almost no pressure.

The weakness of the Sun Devils the past few years has not been winning (three straight winning seasons and post season appearances), it’s been recruiting. Former head coach Herb Sendek was only able to reel in one four star recruit since 2011, a number that Bobby Hurley will almost immediately improve. Assuming he can have the same success on the recruiting trail as he did in Buffalo, the sky’s the limit.

Now if can just take a second to talk to Bobby personally. I’ll miss you Bobby, in fact I already do miss you. I miss your crazy competitive tirades on the sidelines, I miss your ill-fitting dress shirts, I miss it all. No one wanted to see you leave, but how can we blame you? You’re at a better program now with deeper pockets and better weather. Playing in a wide open, Power 5 conference in which you’ll immediately be able to compete in. Our time together ended far too soon, but that’s the nature of the game, I guess. I love you Bobby Hurley, even though I feel like I barely knew you.