Vote For The Herd Report's New Buffalo Sabres Third Jersey

All it takes is a computer and a dream—and maybe some insanely good design experience and high end software. Like playing “Be a GM” mode with no salary cap on NHL 15, the crew at The Herd Report harvested their creative sides and came up with the following jersey designs for the “New Buffalo Sabres Third Jersey Design Contest” being hosted by Die by the Blade.

Although Buffalo Sabres president Ted Black has already confirmed that the team will ditch the alternate third jersey, the “Turd Burger”, at the conclusion of this season, this contest gave us fans another way to let our creative minds run wild as we fantasize line combinations including McEichel and Evander Kane. Voting for the contest is currently underway on the DBTB website.

Here are The Herd Report's submissions for the new Buffalo Sabres third jersey.


Blizzard of 77 White Out Jersey

Designer Ambrose Madison worked with The Herd Report team to come up with a jersey concept that came from the idea of an all white jersey. We then came up with the Blizzard of 77 white out concept. We hope that fans and players alike can get behind the history of that storm. Also we wanted to represent the fact that the city is so well known for its snow, why not embrace it. Using white as a main stay, light grey as a secondary color, and the Buffalo Sabres existing gold and navy as accents we accomplished the goal of a white out jersey while still keeping the Buffalo flair. Wouldn't it be something to go to an white out home game at the arena where the players are sporting the all white look just like the fans?!

Voting for this submission is today on Day 13. 

 Blizzard of 77 White Out Jersey

Blizzard of 77 White Out Jersey


Black & Red

Herd Report Editor in Chief Bill O'Hare designed this jersey with the late 90s and early 2000's in mind.  It seems that the Sabres rarely reflect on the days of black and red so he wanted to bring it back.  This jersey features the B-Sword, Goathead, and the black/red/white color scheme.  In my mind, this jersey serves as a culmination of many Sabres' jerseys throughout the late 90's and early 2000's.

Voting for this submission is on Day 3. 

A massive thank you to Ryan Wolfe (Sabres Hockey Central) and Chris Ostrander (Two in the Box) for their efforts in coming up with the idea of the project and creating something that every fan could get involved with. Nice work, guys!