An Open Love Letter to the Buffalo Bills

Dear Buffalo Bills,

You have been changing a lot lately. You have a new owner, a new head coach and a lot of new players. Personally I love all the new pieces of you.

Terry Pegula is already Buffalo royalty, and has only furthered that reputation since acquiring you. He is the Don of the Bills mafia. An untouchable.

Rex Ryan is a great personality and embodies everything that Buffalo is. His personality is stitched into the history of the city and the culture of team. He is the perfect person to represent the team and the fans—a face of the franchise that you’ve long been searching for.

Even the new players that you are acquiring are excellent for the team. LeSean McCoy is a top running back, Jerome Felton will further the ground and pound efforts, Jerry Hughes has already displayed his talents and Percy Harvin adds yet another explosive asset to our offense. This is a good team, something that you and I haven’t seen in a long, long time.

You’re making all the right moves, but I think this much change would scare anybody—myself included. I guess I’m just nervous that somewhere along this road you’re going to lose yourself. You may forget where you came from, and that you haven’t made the playoffs for the past 15 years. Maybe you’ll forget how you got here, and that no matter how great Pegula is, Ralph Wilson Jr. deserves every ounce of credit and then some. Maybe you’ll forget that for every Harvin, there was a Stevie Johnson and every Ryan, there was a Chan Gailey. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll forget about me, the little kid running around his backyard in the old dark blue Lee Evans No. 83 jersey catching passes from his dad. The one that spent six days of the week looking forward to the seventh. The one that reenacted JP Losman bombs and Travis Henry touchdown celebrations. The one that fell in love with the ugly-jerseyed, poorly-coached, mediocre Buffalo Bills.

I guess I’m just saying now that you’re the hot girl at the party, don’t forget the days when I and thousands of other Buffalonians loved you when you were still invisible to everyone else.

Be a better you, not just a different you. People on national platforms are going to be talking about you more often now. You’re going to have a lot more fans; your bandwagon will be at full capacity. Through all of it, I want you to remember who you are, where you came from and what you represent. And if you could remember me, that’d be great, too.


Greg Pokriki 

(via Cardinal Courier)