Buffalo Bills Fridge Worthy Report Card

LeSean McCoy trade

 Kevin Hoffman | USA Today

Kevin Hoffman | USA Today

I love this move. The Bills reportedly offered C.J. Spiller $4.5 million, which he declined, so the Bills went a different rout. Of course it’s sad to see Spiller leave, but frankly the Bills upgraded at running back. They now arguably have one of the best in the league, and only gave up an injury tested LB (though a fan favorite). The Bills also restructured McCoy’s contract, making Shady a happy man, and giving the Bills the flexibility they believe they need. This is a great move, especially for the direction Greg Roman and Rex Ryan want the offense to move in. A

Matt Cassel trade

An underwhelming move overall. This is a move interesting only because of the position, not the player. It’s low risk, low reward for the Bills, but I still like it. Cassel will compete for the starting job (though for EJ fans like myself everywhere, I hope he doesn’t win it) and the Bills only had to give up some late round draft picks. Overall: mundane move for a mundane player. C

Jerome Felton signing

It’s hard to quantify the success of a fullback in the NFL, and I won’t pretend to be an expert on the position, but the consensus seems to be that we got a good one. If Rex Ryan and Greg Roman are committed to the ground and pound mentality, which the past and this tweet say there are, I’m all for splurging on a solid fullback. Felton also impressed at his press conference. I’m still not convinced that Frank Summers didn’t just shave his head, cut weight and rejoin the Bills, but either way I like the move. A

Kyle Williams’ extension

I’m all for taking care of your own. If it means Kyle Williams retiring in blue and red, give the man anything he wants. Great move. A

Releasing Scott Chandler

Scott Chandler is by no means an extraordinary talent, but he enjoyed being a Buffalo Bills when it wasn’t always easy. If the Bills get TE Charles Clay this is a great upgrade, if they don’t this could come back to bite them. The unknown and Miami’s ability to match any offer we make to Clay makes me a tad nervous. I also value the tight end position very highly. This is likely a good move, but could turn sour if pieces fall out of place. Chandler will be missed, and I as long as I live I'll remember his shovel celebration. B-

Tyrod Taylor signing

People are going to call me nuts for this, but this is the most underrated move the Bills have made yet. After watching tape on this guy, it is clear how quick he can move and how aware he is in the pocket. Taylor has spent the last four years backing up Joe Flacco in Baltimore, studying and learning from a Super Bowl champion. Flacco is no Brett Favre, but we all know how Aaron Rodgers panned out after spending some time on the bench. Most people still assume the QB battle is between Manuel and Cassel, though I believe Taylor won’t make any decision easy on the coaching staff. He’s unproven, so you can’t give this move a grade in the A range, but I’ll go as high as I can. This move may be a perfect stroke of luck for the normally ill-fated Bills. B+

Jordan Gay re-signing

Uhm, he’s a kicker. BUT! Hopefully we’ll be scoring more touchdowns this season so he’ll have more opportunities to boot it back down to the other team. Is that a stretch? Over optimistic? Getting lengthy for a kicker? I agree on all accounts. K, for kicker

Marcus Easley, Jarius Wynn re-signings

Jarius Wynn adds good depth to an already outstanding defensive line. But the big resigning is WR Marcus Easley. Easley is a special teams stud and was a necessity for this team. I love the player and the resigning. Some reports indicate that Easley was pretty high on Ryan’s priority list as well. A

The moves that weren’t, or aren’t yet

NOT re-signing Lee Smith

 Oakland Raiders | Zoomed by yours truly

Oakland Raiders | Zoomed by yours truly

I have been outspoken on my distaste for Smith’s game. I also was disgusted by his role in the offense last year. But thankfully I no longer have to lie awake at night afraid of how many half-yard flats Smith might run to the sideline on any given Sunday. Although I don’t value Smith at all, luckily for him the Oakland Raiders do. And as a soon to be college graduate entering the terrifying work force, Smith signing a $9 million deal with the Oakland Raiders is a beacon of hope for all under qualified, undeserving employees in a normally bleak world. A+++

Charles Clay

I am a huge Clay fan. He is extremely dynamic and has pieces to both blocking and receiving in place at the TE position. He would be the price of our free agent class if Buffalo were to sign him. If we needed more incentive, we would be stealing Clay away from division rival Miami. Squishing the fish is always a plus. I’ll base my grade assuming we do sign him to a reasonable contract. A

Percy Harvin

Harvin is a polarizing player. He obviously has talent, and could be utilized, but has been trouble in the past off the field. However, I do trust Ryan more than the average coach to keep his players happy and in line. If we can get him for the price, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but it certainly isn’t necessary. B