Finally A Loss Buffalo Bills Fans Can Enjoy

Following every season Will Leitch and the great folks at Sports On Earth create a list the NFL’s most tortured fan bases. After the 2014 season the Buffalo Bills were ranked the number one most tortured fan base, and deservedly so. 

BUT, once you hit rock bottom, the only place to go is up. Following this 2015 season the Bills have jumped up, passed the Cleveland Browns and are now only the second most tortured fan base in the NFL. Progress.

 Leitch's reasoning for Buffalo's jump in the standings.

Leitch's reasoning for Buffalo's jump in the standings.

In 2014 when the Buffalo Bills were ranked most tortured, Leitch referenced the Toronto Series, the ridiculously long playoff drought, the four Super Bowl losses, the area’s economic despair and the constant threat of relocation—all very fair criticisms.

BUT, look at what a year can do. With the Pegula’s purchase of the team, we no longer have to worry about the relocation, as Terry and Kim are committed to the area long-term. Buffalo in itself is on the rise as well, with daily visible progress. The new ownership regime has also suspended the Toronto Series, keeping our beloved Buffalo Bills in The Ralph for all eight home games.

Now, likely nothing will ever completely heal the pain of four consecutive Super Bowl losses, but as far as the playoffs are concerned, we are on our way. “They have a playoff team that just has a big hole at quarterback,” Leitch said in his most recent rankings of the Bills. With a top defense and potentially dynamic offense, there is a lot to look forward to on the field in Buffalo. Add in the Rex Ryan hire and you have an amazing year for the Buffalo Bills. As Bills fans it finally seems that our optimism is no longer blind, but warranted.

Don’t get me wrong, I love winning just as much as the next guy, but I can take a loss in “Most Tortured NFL Fan Base” just fine.

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