Bills Building A Bully

We are going to build a bully, and see if you want to play us for 60 minutes.
— Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan said we are going to build a bully in Buffalo. And so, a bully we will build.

The Buffalo Bills will be meeting with controversial free agent offensive guard Richie Incognito on Saturday. Incognito will be in town for a physical, though The Buffalo News has reported that to be a formality and that the notorious guard will certainly be joining the team.

With him Incognito brings Pro Bowl talent, and even higher caliber drama. He is most famous (or infamous) for his bullying scandal while with the Miami Dolphins. Incognito was suspended for his part in the events, but was reinstated in February of 2014. However, he did not play at all last season. Incognito played three games for the Bills in 2009.

After first hearing the news, I was surprised and even disappointed. I am always the guy that favors good morals over good football.

But after further thinking, that is just the stigma that comes with the name Incognito. The scandal is undeniably poor and will forever be attached to his name. But other players have done far worse and been reaccepted far quicker. Moreover, other teams have employed and overlooked players with far longer rap sheets. NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington tweeted that he recently spent time with Incognito and believes he is in a good place now. If that is the case, I have come to accept that I’d be glad to have him. If he is going to help the Buffalo Bills on the field and respect the franchise off, I am fine with it. He should be kept on a tight leash and let go at the first signs of trouble, but if he has improved himself he deserves another chance.

Richie, all I ask is that you don’t embarrass the organization. This team means a lot to a lot of people, and it would be a shame if we ever had a reason to question its integrity (one thing, amidst all the losing, I have always felt comfortable hanging my hat on).

Rex and Doug, you have my blessing (just pretend my blessing carries weight and read that as a compliment).

Here’s to hoping Incognito bullies the other team and not ours! As always, GO BILLS.