Top 7 Greatest Buffalo Bills Names

Here are my Top 7 Greatest Buffalo Bills Names (with Honorable Mentions following). Comment to give your picks and tell me who I missed.

PS: However much time you're thinking I spent on this ridiculously awesome list…add about two hours and you're getting close. Enjoy! 

7)        Mack Yoho (1960-1964)

Strong name and a strong start to my list. Point deducted for adding the ‘K’ onto the end of ‘Mack’ but the mystery behind the man brings him right back up. The vast Internet cannot decide whether he was a linebacker, offensive tackle or placekicker. An amazing combination of skills puts Mack Yoho as my #7. 

6)        Johnny Green (1960-1961)

Johnny Green enjoyed a nice little four-year career as pro-level quarterback. Every ounce of my being hopes that he turned into a sports anchor after his retirement from football. “Now let’s check in on sports with Johnny Green.” 

5)        Takeo Spikes (2003-2006)

I’m not sure if anyone has ever embodied their name as much as Takeo Spikes. He played with the ferocity to match a name of that strength. I wish he could be higher on my list, but better is yet to come.

4)        Haven Moses (1968-1972)

Haven Moses was with the Bills in the AFL to NFL transition years, though he is much more widely recognized as a Bronco (his name is in the Ring of Fame at Mile High). Though all that is great and interesting, the name Haven Moses is why we’re all here. Fantastic name with continuity from first to last. Love the combination and would love to have met his parents. 

3)        Booker Edgerson (1962-1969)

What a football name. ‘Booking' it towards the quarterback. ‘Edging’ out an offensive lineman. With so much action packed into one name, it’s hard to imagine Edgerson anywhere outside of the top 3 on anyone’s list.

2)        Cookie Gilchrist (1962-1964)

“Lookie, lookie, here comes Cookie!” In only three years as a Bill Gilchrist is still the ninth leading Buffalo Bills rusher all time. That’s almost as jaw dropping as his name. An easy lock for the list and could have easily been #1.

1)        Ashton Youboty (2006-2010)

Possibly at first read you missed how amazing this name is—that’s OK, I almost did too. But, read it a few more times. Say it out loud. Write it. Slip it into conversation this week. The last name obviously carries Youboty, but enough so to land the #1 spot on my list. Congratulations, Ashton! I wouldn't blame you if you took Youboty to Disney World after this big of a win.  


Honorable Mentions

I’ve broken down the remaining contestants into their own categories. They all deserve a read and are wonderful in their own unique way.

The Alliteration

Willie West (1962-1963)

Butch Byrd (1964-1970)

The Amazing First Name (All who amazingly only played one season)

Chip Nuzzo (1987)

Speedy Neal (1984)

Flip Johnson (1988)

The Pop Culture Reference

Charlie Brown (1965, 1967)

Dave Chapple (1971) (Cut me some slack, it's close enough to comedian Dave Chappelle)