Bills 30, Texans 21: THR's 2-Point Conversion

The Bills remain in the hunt with a win over the Houston Texans by insulating Tyrod Taylor from J.J. Watt and having some electric plays of their own.  For more of our points on the game, but without the bad puns, read on for The Herd Report's points on the game!


  1. This is what it look likes when the coaches coach better.  The defense defends better.  Running backs run better.  Unfortunatly, kicker's STILL need to kick better.  But when you throw the ball to Sammy and convert on important plays this is the result.  The Bills played well.  There is still plenty of room to improve on the road to greatness, but let's take this one week at a time.
  2. I feel badly for Dan Carpenter.  It happens to the best of us.  If there was ever a definition of a slump and being in your own head, I feel this is it.  I do not doubt the man's talent. However, even though the extra point attempts are farther away this year, they are still a gimme in the NFL.  He can do it.  He simply just needs to not psych himself out.


  1. As we have seen before, Sammy can make the great catches.  He certainly did today, and in a huge way.  Clay also made an appearance, getting our late great touchdown, but I'd like to see even more next week against the Eagles and their shaky defense.
  2. Our special teams continue to be an issue.  Not only was there the senseless penalty that cost us a huge punt return by Thigpen, but holding penalties backed us up repeatedly. And also Dan Carpenter.  What's going on?  Off day, or need to go?


  1. This was one of Greg Roman's best games.  A really good game plan and the offense played well, all injuries considered.
  2. I don't really know what to say about Dan Carpenter.  It's really tough to watch.  It's really tough to understand.  It's really tough to explain.  It's just tough.


  1. I'm sorry, but I have disagree with my compatriots this week, who have been very hard on poor Dan Carpenter.  I'll just put my two cents in for the guy's defense.  The field goal he missed was from 50 yards, which is not an automatic kick for any NFL kicker and he hit the post.  And on the extra point, he was given a bad hold from Colton Schmidt, who forgot to rotate the laces away and Carpenter still hit the post.  I'm not saying he shouldn't strive to do better, as always, but I don't think this game was quite the brush fire some have made it out to be in the kicking department.  We don't need to panic yet.
  2. Coming into this game, the two Texans' players I was paying attention to were DeAndre Hopkins and J.J. Watt.  While both had a few good plays (even if some will argue Hopkins pushed off on his TD catch), the Bills did a good job of minimizing their impact, even if they did have to triple team J.J. Watt on 3rd downs.  As for the Clemson reunion, it's good to see Sammy Watkins come out over Hopkins with two 50+ yard catches and a TD.  Also, it was nice to see Greg Roman not completely foreget he existed in the second half.  It looks like he CAN learn from his mistakes.