Bills 16, Cowboys 6: THR's 2-Point Conversion

Though both teams were already eliminated from the playoffs, there was plenty of pride on the line today, with the Bills trying to avoid being swept by the NFC East and the Cowboys trying to overcome injuries with a new quarterback. THR's editors tell you what we saw:


  1. I'm surprised the Bills didn't make more explosive plays since they're out of the playoff race.  What's the point in being conservative now?  Watkins was again stellar, but Tyrod struggled to read the field.  Injuries continued piling up, which is something to note for next game.  It's nice to know that our RB situation is well covered even with McCoy out.
  2. The Bills did much better with penalties.  I think there were only maybe five for the entirety of the game.  I'd love to see the Bills get even less than that for our last against the Jets


  1. I do love Tyrod's ability to manage himself in the pocket and in a best case scenario also get the first down!  What I don't love is that this even needs to be a thing I love due to the offensive line missing blocks.
  2. It was nice to see Sammy Watkins have an impact on the game with 84 yards and some key catches even if he couldn't get in the end zone.  On the other side of things, Carpenter missed another extra point?  Fortunately, it didn't come back to bite us.


  1. On the first drive of the game, why was the play called to throw a low-percentage deep ball to Hogan on 4th and short?  Why not make a play to get the first down and see what can be done from there?  I continue to be concerned about Greg Roman's dependancy on the big play to score touchdowns.  The Bills only had one touchdown scored from within the red zone.  At the end of the day, 16 points is not often good enough to win games. While the Bills will be happy to win, I do not see a great deal of progress offensively.
  2. Tyrod Taylor had an very good game today.  He impressively kept the final touchdown drive alive when pinned deep to help run out the clock and ensure the victory.  He also made two good throws while scrambling, one to Sammy Watkins and one to Karlos Williams (even if Williams then fumbled it).  It was much better than the poor accuracy he had last week when forced to run and throw.  Considering LeSean McCoy, Robert Woods, and Charles Clay were all out with injuries, it was up to Taylor to carry things and he did as good as could be expected.