Redskins 35, Bills 25: THR's 2-Point Conversion

The Buffalo Bills are now mathematically removed from playoff contention for the 16th year in a row.  Somewhere, Perry Como can be heard singing, "there's no place like home for the holidays," and Bills' fans are left wondering once again.  For solidarity if not answers, read THR's 2-Point conversion:


  1. The Bills' offense has struggled with consistancy all year.  In this game, two of the three Bills' touchdowns came on long plays.  While it may be exciting to see a 60-yard run or 48-yard pass, an offense cannot depend on low-percentage plays like deep throws to win games.  The definition of a low-percentage play is that it is not dependable.  I haven't had time to look though every Bills' scoring play this year (although I plan to), but an unfortunate preponderance of them have come from a short field or long play.  The Bills' offense has been centered on time-consuming plays like sweep runs and long passes that give defenses a lot of time to recognize what is happening and react during the play.  That may work if a team has the physicality to impose itself on the oppositon, but the Bills do not.  The offensive line does not protect Tyrod Taylor well enough to throw consistant mid-to-long level throws and our tight ends and receivers have not blocked well enough for Greg Roman's trademark sweep runs to get the offense all the way down the field.  It is clear that the ceiling has been reached on what these kinds of plays can do.  Taylor protects the ball, has good accuracy, and has good feet, but he has the same hesitancy that EJ Manuel has.  Perhaps it is just because no one is open, or simply because Tyrod is still a rookie in some ways, but the one thing the Bills' offense has never done this year is play quickly.  When your offense is continually slow and predictable, the path to the end zone becomes decidedly uphill.
  2. As Monte Python would say, "And now for something completely different." After ranting about the offense, you might expect me to rant about the defense.  After all, Washington didn't need to punt until after halftime today.  But instead, I'm going to save my sanity and mention... the Redskins' scoreboard.  Did anyone besides me notice the third down and fouth down graphics on the big screens behind the end zone?  If you did, I hope you don't suffer from epilepsy.  Aside from medical concerns, it made me wonder if there are any NFL regulations on electronic distractions.  Remember when the Atlanta Falcons lost a draft pick last year for drowning opposing offenses in fake crowd noise?  I found the scoreboard extremely distracting, so I can only imagine how it must be when Tyrod is trying to call a play with that giant strobing graphic just above the play clock.  I'm not trying to blame it for the loss.  The Bills were just as bad going down the field away from the scoreboard.  It just made me wonder.


  1. Hey Rex, 4th in defense would have made the playoff this year, especially with the improved offense.  Now does Terry Pegula have the guts to admit his hiring mistake?
  2. Garbage... this year, all of us fans bought into the false hope just to be let down.  Again.  I wish I could say this has never happened before.


  1. What can we look forward to seeing next week?  Different play calling?  Will Rex tank for a pick or go down fighting?  It will be interesting to see what the Bills will do now that nothing is on the line and playoffs are out of the picture.
  2. Penalties were much better this game, but we couldn't protect Tyrod enough to let him try to make plays.  We saw the connections with Watkins work out, but it was too little, too late.  The defensive frustration is still very present and I think Rex knows it.

Bonus Point for those whose pets are also Bills' fans: