Bills at Redskins: Week 15 Preview

The Bills have gone from being masters of their own destiny to praying that winning three games and having a lot else go right gets them to the playoffs.  Still, there are three games left and at the very least there may still be some good football, not to mention the potential to spoil the Jets.  Here's what's happening this week:


The Bills have to win out and even then may not make the playoffs.   It seems especially impossible considering the injuries the Bills have racked up.  We're a banged up team and it doesn't seem like that will change over the last weeks of the season.  I think we still might be able to steal the game against Washington, but our playoffs hopes are as good as gone.


There's still a chance!  Don't lose hope just yet.  If the stars align and (more importantly) if the Bills win, we mathematically have a shot at playoffs.  Injuries have helped nothing in projecting a win, but if we can produce points against the same-boat-as-us-in-terms-of-record Redskins we should pull off a win.


The Washington Redskins are 6-7 are are exactly as mediocre as their record suggests.  Their offense has some playmakers, namely TE Jordan Reed, who continues to be a red zone threat, and running back Matt Jones who is difficult to tackle once he gets moving.  Kirk Cousins has played well at times (with some impressive comebacks this year), but also made a lot of questionable throws, expecially under pressure.  Putting pressure on him should give the Bills an edge.  On the other side of the ball, the Redskins have a very good defense, but one that has benefited from a lot of turnovers.  Twenty-five points with no turnovers from the Bills offense should be enough to win the game.


Pittsburgh, New York, and Kansas City are worthy wild card competitors. FiveThirtyEight has the Buffalo Bills with a 35% chance of making the playoffs. Which means there is still a chance and this is Buffalo. That is all we need. Unbridled optimism is what we are best at. It doesn't matter if there is less than 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter or it is week 15 and the season is dwindling. We are still in it until we are no longer in it.