Eagles 23, Bills 20: THR's 2-Point Conversion

With three games to go, the Bills have a losing record again. This isn't an uncommon situation for the Bills at this time of the year, so why does it feel so bad? That's a question for our therapists, but in the meantime, check out THR's takes on the game:


  1. We have to convert on first and third downs. The lack of conversions was brutal. The first step to getting into the opposing team's red zone is getting out of our own. More often then not we saw Tyrod Taylor against a background of the Eagles' end zone. That's no good.
  2. The Bills need to learn to close out a game.  We have to make sure we are utilizing our weapons.  Put the ball downfield to Sammy Watkins.  We also need to decrease the penalties while the NFL referees actually learn how to ref a game.


  1. The story of this game for me was the dominance of the Philadelphia defensive line versus the Bills' front line.  Even though there was only one sack offically tallied against Tyrod Taylor, the ancillary effects of the rush put a huge strain on the Bills' offensive production.  This includes the numerous plays called back on holding penalties and a number of swatted balls.  Without having to touch the QB, the Eagles did a great deal to interrupt the passing game.
  2. The Bills and Eagles followed almost identical game plans.  Both focused on the ground and pound and both had a long touchdown pass.  No one outsmarted anyone else.  This game was a straight-up constest of talent and execution.  There were only two turnovers in the game and the Eagles cashed in for 3 points while the Bills punted.  That thin separation was the margin of error for the Bills.


  1. Taylor's shot calling was off after the first quarter.  I wanted more shots down the field to Watkins, but not every time, and especially not on a 3rd and short.  This was not Tyrod's best game by any measure.  Overthrown balls and his first interception since week 4 were a huge part in the loss today.
  2. 13 penalties!  And on both sides of the ball for Buffalo today.  We could have won despite them, but penalites never help.  Now we look forward and our playoff hopes are deflated. We have a lot to improve on for next season.


  1. No words
  2. No words


  1. Richie Incognito.  He is the Dan Carpenter of week 14.  He let far more rushers through to  Tyrod than is ever acceptable.  That might have been the deciding factor in the game.
  2. I just don't understand how we are always fighting to tie or win by a point.  Why can't we just win by a blow out?  What we need is a shift in mentality as a team.  The reign of mediocrity needs to end.  It's been 16 years.  The rest of Buffalo is turning around.  It's about time our sports follow suit!