This Time Last Year, Buffalo Sabres in Review

Let’s set the tone for a brief rewind of the Buffalo Sabres. 

End of November, 2014, Buffalo is still recovering from the freak winter storm deemed Snowvember, and the Sabres are on their way to try to have a better record from the debilitating year before where they finished in dead last.  The Sabres had such bad luck that they even lost the draft lottery.  2014 was a new season and a fresh start with high hopes in not finishing last again.  With rookie draft pick hopeful, Sam Reinhart, the Sabres were at least poised for a better record.

Our roster was still growing after the loss of Ryan Miller and Steve Ott, the goalie situation looked somewhat bleak even with Enroth (now gone), Neuvirth (now gone), and Hackett (also gone), but the hope was still throbbing in the hearts of Buffalo fans for a better season.

At this time last year, the hearts were having uneven rhythms however, because at the end of November Buffalo was 8-14-2 with 18 points.  Not that having that record was terrible, but it wasn’t ideal while still in the midst of the dreaded “rebuild”.  To compare, the Sabres are currently 10-12-4 with 24 points, which still isn’t that great compared to the league leading Canadians who are sitting pretty at 19-4-3, but that’s neither here nor there because to the Buffalo fan base all that matters is our record…and the Mapleleafs, but it’s definitely not because of Babcock choosing them over us, nope, not at all—but if you were keeping score at home they are currently two spots behind us in the league—but again we aren’t.

What’s the point of all of these numbers and comparisons, you ask. I’ll tell you.  We’re getting better.  To get to the top you have to reach the bottom, and we did that twice in a row within the past 4 years, so needless to say we’re climbing.  We all want the team to win every game possible, of course, but maybe we need a good pinch every once in a while when we lose a few games in a row or don’t have a winning record a certain month because again, we’re climbing. Buffalo has picked up a reputable coach in Dan Bylsma, key leading players like Kane and O’Reilly, not to mention [Y]Eichel as RJ likes to deem him.  Excitement is building, Sabres fans.  It may be a slow build, but the always exuberant Tim Murray had a plan when he got on board, and he’s following through (from what we can tell already).

All I’m saying is, look at the numbers.  The Sabres are most certainly not Stanley Cup champ material just yet, but we’re starting to look like a playoff team at least. Looks can be deceiving of course, but we look much better so far and the excitement is heard much more this year than the last few. 




Photo Credit to Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images)