Bills 33, Dolphins 17: THR's 2-Point Conversion

Since the last time these two teams met, the Bills have been drowning in injuries while the Dolphins have had two blowouts in their last three games.  Perhaps the tide has turned.  This week was sink or swim for two teams trying desperately to stay alive in the AFC playoff hunt.  With the win, the Bills keep their heads above water at 4-4 while the Dolphins fall to 3-5 and 0-4 in the AFC East.  The Herd Report's Editors let you know what we saw in today's game.


  1. Good Lord, what a difference a QB makes.  I'll be obnoxious and tell everybody that I called both deep passes completed to Sammy Watkins before the snap.  It's good to have an accurate QB and even better to have a QB that protects the ball and does not give up any turnovers.  I am looking forward to him getting even better as the Bills go forward.
  2. This is a nice win against a division opponent to get back on track. As usual we have our way with Miami at Ralph Wilson Stadium and it feels better each time. The Dolphins can sign Ryan Tannehill to as many contracts as they want, but as Bills fans, we welcome having him in our home one Sunday a year.  Tannehill is now 0-4 in Buffalo over his career.  The Bills' defense also did a good job of preventing any big scoring plays for the Dolphins.


  1. People can say the Bills were using the injuries as an excuse all they want, but this is what's true at the end of the day: when our playmakers are on the field, this offense can be potent, and our big-play ability cannot be overstated.  Sammy Watkins had a monster day. Tyrod Taylor throws some of the nicest long balls in the game.  Karlos Williams is magnetized to the end zone (even if the ball wasn't magnetized to his hand on his first).  It's nice to see the team we all imagined actually on the field.
  2. Rex Ryan out-coached Dan Campbell start to finish, and it was really nice to watch.


  1. Jerry Hughes giveth, Jerry Hughes taketh away.  Or, in this game, the other way around.  I furiously wanted Rex to bench him after yet another unnecessary roughness penalty for a late hit out of bounds.  However, I felt a lot better when he provided the turnover that led to the pul away score when Tyrod Taylor hit Sammy Watkins for a 44-yard score.  Even if the Bills got away with a blatent holding penalty in order to pull it off, I'll take one on Karma considering how we lost on a poor call last week.  Anyway, I've digressed from my main point.  Hughes was a big part of the pressure that put Miami away in the second half and I'll be very happy if this is indicative of the rest of the season from Hughes.
  2. It often seemed like Chan Gailey and Doug Marone threw challenge flags more when they wanted a play to be called differently than when they actually thought it was different. So it is refreshing that Rex Ryan is 3 for 3 on challenges this year.  Of all the things I can pull from the coaching of this game, this is probably the most from-the-weeds thing to look at but it is nice to have something extending drives instead of killing drives. 


  1. The penalties were much lighter on the Bills this time, but we will need to clean up our act even more against the Jets.  Our offense made up for the penalties, and in a big way.  Watch out for Rex to really hammer in this key for this Thursday's game.
  2. Even though our defense was late to wake up in the game (cue Hughes), the offense was on their feet in huge ways.  Tyrod Taylor looked much more comfortable in throwing deep, and that's mostly because it paid off with Sammy putting his money where his mouth was. He had a great game today,  and I sure can't wait to see more from him.