Dolphins at Bills: Game Eight Preview

After looking like fish out of water at the beginning of the season, the Miami Dolphins fired their coach in an effort to keep the season afloat.  Holy mackerel did they look better against the Titans and Texans.  But after taking two inferior teams to school, Miami floundered against the Patriots, making their turnaround story a bit fishy.  The Herd Report's editors give you what to look for in Sunday's game.


A healthy Bills' team is a good one.  That's the bottom line.  And luckily the Bills are on their way back to being healthy.  If they can stay that way throughout this game and the rest of the season, it should be an interesting ride.  I'd like to see the defense get to Tannenhill early and often.  He was on the ground nearly every play the last time the Bills played the Dolphins.  I'd also like to see a true ground and pound attack with healthy running backs. That will open up everything for Tyrod Taylor. It should be a fun game-- for some reason I'm excited.


The league got high on the Dolphins after they had a coaching change and then blew out the Titans and the Texans in consecutive weeks. I'm not so ready to give them much credit. The Titans are not good this year and the Texans had one of the worst tackling performances I've ever seen against the Dolphins.  Miami had four touchdowns on plays of over 50 yards. That only happened because of a comical level of Texans' defensive ineptitude.  If you don't believe me, feel free to find the highlights online. The Texans couldn't have tackled a mannequin on that day.  The Dolphins looked good for a few weeks because of the opposition but I was not suprised when New England beat them without effort last week. Cameron Wake and Jarvis Landry have been the only two real playmakers on the team and Wake is now out with an achillies injury. The Bills will have no excuse if they lose this one.  Miami is still a bad team and there is no reason why the Bills shouldn't beat them down the same as they did in week three.


This week almost feels like a second home opener for the Bills.  Starting a new season at home after a Week 8 bye could be just what the doctor ordered.  Everything is set up on a tee for the Bills this week. We've got our starting QB back and 100% healthy, LeSean McCoy and Karlos Williams healthy, a Dolphins team that has come back down to earth after a beat-down from the Pats, Tannehill coming to Buffalo, no Cameron Wake, and most importantly: the Bills being able to take a week to digest and fix whatever happened during the second quarter of the season. I expect a big win for Rex and the Bills this week. Schematically, I think we are going to see a lot more misdirection on offense against an aggressive Miami defense.  Expect a lot of screens and play action to suck in their LB corps.  Defensively, I don't expect much to change. If McKelvin gets on the field, we could see some really interesting Sub-packages that would allow us to disguise our coverage instead of just lining up man to man.  Regardless, Go Bills.


Tyrod Taylor may be back this week but I'm honestly indifferent to his return.  I still for some reason inherently like EJ, but we are coming to the point soon where he has had enough chances to prove himself.  I'm interested in seeing how we play after the bye week and against a team we beat so badly last time.  We should win as long as we don't beat ourselves again.  Then again, coming off of Jacksonville makes me nervous.