Kansas City 30, Bills 22: THR's 2-Point Conversion

In the past two weeks, the Bills have fallen from 6th to 10th in the playoff hunt, with Kansas City replacing Buffalo this week in that 6th and final playoff spot. The Herd Report's Editors tell you how it happened.


  1. We had the first down.  Rex Ryan didn't challenge and Buffalo lost the ball on a turnover on downs.  I'm not saying it's guaranteed that we would have scored on that drive, but regardless you can not make mistakes like that.  The other terrible call was going for the 2-point conversion in the 3rd quarter.  The extra point from a field goal would have made us only a touchdown out from the tie instead of 8 points.
  2. Welcome to the other side of the Rex Ryan Show. One year ago in New York City the fans were as demoralized as we are today. This is the Rex they knew. Yes, he is a GREAT talker and in my opinion a better coach than Marrone (so it's still a win that way). That is to say Rex has the potential, but I am still remain skeptical of his execution.


  1. This was a really bad day for the coaching staff.  I hesitate to say Rex Ryan because he gets information from someone else on when he should challenge the play, but Ryan struggled as well.
  2. I know that the Chiefs made adjustments on Sammy Watkins in the second half, but how do you completely abandon that talent?  He didn't have any impact in the second half.  That is pathetic.


  1. I don't know the name of the man who checks replays for the Bills in the press box and gives Rex Ryan the informantion he needs to decide whether to challenge a play. Whoever that man is should be out of a job. The 20 yard catch that set up the Chiefs first touchdown clearly hit the ground and yet there was no challange. Then Rex challenged a Robert Woods catch that DID clearly hit the ground. And finally he failed to challenge the ruling on 3rd down on the final drive that Chris Hogan had made the first down catch when the replay was very clear. Buffalo was shaking its head.
  2. I'm not an expert in kickoffs, but when kicker Jordan Gay has 3 tackles, you know someone isn't doing thier job. The Bills had a major problem with field position all day. Kansas City started frequently from their 35 to 45 yard line. On the other side of the ball, while bringing back Marcus Thigpen helped somewhat, the Bills offense was not good enough to consistantly go 75 yards.  Bonus point: there was a massive difference in the effectiveness of the KC running game from the first half to the second.  I called attention to that part of the game in my pregame analysis and I'm sorry to say it was a major part of the turnaround KC made after halftime.  When third-string back Spencer Ware is gashing you for 30 yards in three carries on a drive and Alex Smith runs for a first down on 3rd and 11, you miss Mario and Kyle Williams desperately.


  1. The season is over.  Let's be real with ourselves.  Should we even be optimistic for next year?  Despite how different this year felt coming in, don't be fooled.  Same.  Old.  Bills.
  2. The first half of this game is how I want Sammy to be used every game.  The second half of this game was how we've been using Sammy most games.